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I saw the personal attack OL, then the personal attack on Maryrose.
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How many are aware that TAIWAN is not a member of the U.N.? China won't allow it.
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Clarice, be careful not to publish your address.
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JAMESD what will the fall out be, for the GOVERNMENT usurping the CONSTITUTION and taking our RIGHTS AWAY. There is no CONSTITUTIONAL PROVISION for this, and this will not end well. How many will die, in the coming CIVIL WAR.
Toggle Commented 5 hours ago on Grim Forecasts at JustOneMinute
Sorry lil clown, I'm not reading your tripe. Go cry in the corner boy.
Lyle, you're going to make him cry. I DID.
Ig, they aren't enforcing the law. The GOOD GUYS violated the law BIGLY and NOT A FUCKING ONE has been held accountable. What would stop the FBI or any other DEEP STATE outfit from doing this again and again.
Watch out JIM, those TEETH are RAZOR SHARP.
No way JAMES D, you must be using the wrong GOOGLE. The Alabama Imbecile thinks their AOK.
He's just like Donald Trump OL. Just ask him.
You are pathetic lil fella. A loner.
I see the lil imbecile is back.
Extraneus, that'll cost you a couple hundred million more to find out. They just don't have enough gubmint spending.
Chris Cuomo is a douche bag.
Poor Fran Drescher, she is welcome to move to Venezuela at her earliest convenience. Please leave your $30,000,000.00 gained thru CAPITALISM at the CUSTOMS OFFICE. And go the fuck to hell.
Cuomo is a piece of shit. Fauci is a piece of shit.
Peter, if Whitmer was raped, and did not report it, she allowed a rapist to continue to rape others. She's a nut, and like most libs, is an ideologue, not to mention an illogical ideologue. Is she allowing the citizens of Michigan to practice ALL of their RIGHTS???? Fuck her and the LIBTARD she rode in on.
Whitmer is the daughter of 2 government lifer lawyers, and a libtard lawyer herself.
So the spend trillions more, let violent criminals go free. And you get to shut your fucking mouth and stay in your home under house arrest. LAND OF THE FREE.......tell me I'm wrong SHEEPIES.
Don't worry, the government would NEVER violate your rights. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
It amazes me how docile people have been over this. Blather all you like about, how dangerous this outbreak is. OUR RIGHTS ARE BEING VIOLATED RIGHT IN FRONT OF ALL OF US. That's ok. Trust the government. They care about you. Baaaaaaaa baaaaaaa