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Capn' these are fucking adults.
Jim nj. The LEFT/FULL COMMIE, wants MOAR and MOAR, government dependence. To not RECOGNIZE, where all of this is GOING, is RETARDED.
Jim, a normal person with any sense of character or values and patriotism, should realize that 1300 dollars per week, is a very good reality. What the fuck happened to our WORK ETHIC????
None of this unemployment, has been caused by POTUS DJT, nor the REAL AMERICAN People, who work and support themselves, their families, and pay taxes toward the general welfare of AMERICA. The FULL COMMIE LEFTIST, CLOWNS, have nor fear of the ECONOMIC COLLAPSE of AMERICA. THEY WANT IT. They are COMMUNISTS. DEATH and MISERY is what they are offering us.
$713 PER WEEK, plus $600 per week, is $1313 x 52. $68,000 per year. TO NOT WORK.
Jim nj. How about the unemployed get gubmint cheese and a couple hundred bucks??? Plus $600 per week. Jim, what do `1099's get?? Do any math that you like. THE Full commie left, is buying votes, buy destroying jobs, and giving unemployment bennies, that are RIDICULOUS.
TK. The very existence of UNEMPLOYMENT shows the goodness of this country. And Unemployment compensation is funded by AMERICAN BUSINESS. So the LEFTIST FUCKS, destroy the ECONOMY, and CREATE unemployment. THEN these COMMIE FUCKS, demand MORE and more. $600 extra per week. CREATING A $1000 PER WEEK INCOME For the NON-EXISTANT JOBS, that the MARXISTS PURPOSELY DESTROYED. Add $600 per week, and a couple UNEMPLOYED by THE LEFT. Is earning at a pace of $100,000. It's fucking crazy.
TK. Regular unemployment....I have no idea what that is, but, I must guess, $400 a week. $400 per week, plus $600 per week, equals $4000.00 per 4 weeks. Less than a month. $1000, per week equates to $52,000 a year. If a couple are both receiving this level of UNSUSTAINABLE FREEBIES. Their annual INCOME at this rate, WITHOUT WORKING, IS $104,000. THINK ABOUT THAT.
My son, completed his MOVE-IN, into his COLLEGE FLAT. He found out this week, that he will have ZERO in person classes. He is an ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING SOPHOMORE, who started his FRESHMAN YEAR, as an ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING STUDENT. He has 48 credits and a 4.O after ONE YEAR. He is being FUCKED, by THE UNIVERSITY of WISCONSIN, and by the CADAVER TONY EVIL. It seems that even US/JOM are unable to GRASP what the DEMOTARD/FULL COMMIE PARTY has endeavored to FUCK and DESTROY our NATION. Am I crazy???
JimNorCal. Trump is not stupid. He is in no way worse than the MARXISTS. I have blathered for 15 years here, that this NATION, was heading for THE FULL COMMIE. I was and AM right. Trump does not even have the complete backing of the GOP or the "Right". Until I see otherwise, I'm with TRUMP. His intentions are PRO-AMERICA. The LEFT has gone BAT SHIT CRAZY.
Jim, DeCommio, isn't as bright as the guy who cleans the bugs off your car. He recently told CATCHERS MITT, that the RICH who have abandoned NYC, should not come back. Yes, he is a COMMIE, but to paraphrase the GREAT JESUS CHRIST.....FORGIVE HIM FATHER, fore he's a fucking moron. Jim, all COMMIES are fucking morons'...literally. IT CANNOT WORK. Only mentally and emotionally unstable peeps, BELIEVE, that it can.
Goodnight Miss M. I bought a whole beef tenderloin this week. Wifey, her sister and Father-in-law Jim....>Susan's widower, will have FILET MIGNON tomorrow.
Yes, I don't get my meat from farmers or "regulated and licensed Butchers". I prefer CCP WET MARKETS. Our problem here, is that those writing this propaganda horse shit, are young MISEDUCATED pussies, who believe things, that I DO NOT.
"The world is finally losing its taste for meat" Pardon my French, but, WTF does that mean?? It's goofy soy boy horse shit. OR Horse meat. Imagine a story that said the "World is losing it's taste for murderous Communism and Abortion". These people are sick.
Lovely MissM. The "media" has already gone there. The weird thing, is that within this FUCKED UP, cancel culture, and nEGRO LIES Matter ...FRENZY, the MEDIA LEFTIST FASCIST FULL COMMIES, are not holding LEFTIST PANDERING PRETEND COMMIES, like JOE the SNIFFER BIDEN in their violent destructive IRE. White, OLD, SENILE at best, the FULL COMMIE, nEGRO LIES matter crew, is overlooking their GREAT MARXIST HOPE to no standard at all.
I just saw WNBA basketball on TEEEEVEEEEE. Why is this CRAP on teeeee veeeeee?? If it cannot make a profit on it's own merits. Why would it be subsidized????? OH??? CERVIX and RACE.
Narciso, the Garner case, and the George Fentanyl case are only related so far as, the LEFT WAS PRACTICING for their NEXT RIOTS. I'm referring to REPUBLICANS who have taken the bait. Very wealthy CEO'S, that are sucking MARXIST c#$%. WHY??? Children are going to throw tantrums. If you give in and provide them with the opportunity to BURN IT ALL DOWN. They spades. THIS IS WAY OUT OF CONTROL.
The problem we face is FORTITUDE. The GOP, and even too many conservatives, eat the shit that the left throws at them. Perfect example. Most REPUBLICANS, have come to accept the RIDICULOUS PREMISES of the VIOLENT LEFT. When did the POLICE turn into blood thirsty monsters??? Was it when GEORGE FLOYD overdosed and died of his own HEART DISEASE?? Of course not. Republicans ALWAYS RETREAT. This has become beyond UGLY. We are to accept, that WE are UNCONSCIOUSLY RACIST, and THAT'S THAT. Blacks as a WHOLE in AMERICA, are gravely dysfunctional. They do not as a WHOLE succeed to the least in FUCKED UP GOOONION URBAN SCHOOLS. To succeed, and to get educated requires a home life and a family unit, that is wholesome. White people are not to blame for this GREAT SOCIETY.
Rice is dirty and involved in unmasking. Maybe McDumbshit didn't hear about Benghazi. Rice was willing to make her "bones" for Opie 2 PACKZA KOOLS by lying about RODHAMS ALCOHOLISM and malfeasance. She did it for OBAMA.
McCarthy is what is wrong the GOP. Willing to accept people like Susan Rice as decent humans.
Maybe we could give PAUL RYAN a little credit for leaving. No, that's not who we are.
Has McCarthy ever impressed anyone here at JOM???
Asking FRANCE to give them satellite info. Good luck with that.
Jesus: I'm so sorry, but I'm sending you tell Joe. For sniffing and many other offenses. Biden: C'MON MAN.
BLM understands that just fine hrtshp. They hate you and me and all thinks CAPITALIST. They are racists, and fucktards, but they know they are evil.