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CATSMEAT, I hope young Nick is well, healed and RET-TO-GO. I hope you are well Catsmeat, and I have more FRESH VENISON when you are hungry,
CHRIS HAYES. BLITZ WOLFER, Talk among yourselves.
Capn. Imagine, you as the GUBNER of OHIO, rejected your WIFE and any sense of FAMILY, and sought out POOOOOOOONTANG, but WAIT!!!!!! You claimed to be HIKING the APALACHIAN TRAIL, while in retrospect, you were out BANGING some "LADY" from ARGENTINA..... THE GOOOOOOLAG "ALL GONE MACHINE", has no interest in the FACTS, nor the TRUTH, as OBVIOUS and KNOWN vis a vis LIBTARD FORMER GOV/CURRENT CONGRESSMAN MARK SANFORD. We here at JOM recognize and know about the LYING BIAS of the CORRUPT FULL COMMIE MEDIA. Why do we allow it????
Capn' as USUAL, you cut thru, the BLUSTER NONSENSE and BULLSHIT, and cut to the LOGICAL CHASE. Why on earth would Mark Sanford be ELECTED to BUTT WIPER for the COUNTY??
Jane, my dear, I wish me, and my HUNTER BIDEN GATHERER SON, whom Henry is good to, could HUNT Henry's gentleman farmer land soon, this fall.
Sug!!!!! I laughed my ass off, when you and I were on the phone last month, and Sug....came up!!! Capn', when I think of you, I think mostly of what you TYPE, but on the phone, you are so so much more even tempered!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahha. In fact, you've kicked my ass a few times, on the blog, where I deserved it. But later in a phone call, you, were able to see my intentions. This is awesome. I mean this forum is awesome, so long as we all TRY to love one another. And since the "purge", if that is an accurate way to put it, those HERE, are ALL FAMILY.
Jane, while I am passing out kudo's and kisses, you should know that you are a pretty special woman too. You are educated, successful, and a Professional/Lawyer, who has lived to YOUR STANDARDS, so far as I have learned. Over the years, I've loved your stuff, and your RADIO GIG. You and I have bumped heads over time, but I will never ever forget the night I called you, and we chatted for a long while, and shared a few things that we've kept to ourselves. I'm sorry I couldn't keep our date with Jack and his son Eric. My fault. Again, YOUR HEART is ABSOLUTELY in the RIGHT PLACE. Out of school a wee bit ,but.....Henry thinks the world of you. I hope he doesn't mind me saying so.
Capn' Hate, you and I have known each other, EVEN VAGUELY for 15 years or so. We have shared things here, at JOM, after I was given a RED CARD by ACE, as Miss M, and you shared. We have become friends, and even recently, we chatted on the phone for a LONG LONG TIME. I don't talk in all CAPS, but I certainly can bloviate!!!!! You are a man of principle, and you have values and opinions that make it obvious who you are, and that you don't suffer fools gladly. THERE IS ZERO PERCENT CHANCE, that you are not an OUTSTANDING OUTSTANDING FATHER. I think extremely HIGHLY of you. You should know that.
Did someone mention CARNEGIE-MELLON-UNIVERSITY today????
On a lighter note, (and I hope JiB is still about). I met a gentleman in a business deal this week, who hails from DUNFERMLINE SCOTLAND..... As most of you PROLLY KNOW, I am the son of a Scottish Mom, and I lived in Edinburgh as a "wee boy". My DAD, played SOCCER, for DUNFERMLINE, in the 60's. I have and did wear today, a DUNFERMLINE ATHLETIC...the a business meeting with this gentleman. He laughed, and as Scots are generally a bit CYNICAL, he left the coincidence as that. As I left the meeting in downtown Milwaukee, the VERY MOMENT, I left and entered the LOBBY of his building.. 500 MILES came over the BUILDING P.A.......
The VOTE by CONGRESS to "CONDEMN" Trumps withdrawal of troops from SYRIA, at first blush TO ME, is so so so so so beyond FUCKED UP and stupid, as to make the GOP seem completely WITHOUT ANY LOGICAL, REASONABLE, MILITARY or MORAL COMPASS. It's like the GOP approving of SPENDING CONTINUING RESOLUTIONS. They do it, BECAUSE THEY'RE DUMB as TAMPONS, and have NO ABILITY to BE STRONG AT ALL. Where was this VOTE, when OPIE, the butt stabber, CUT and RAN from Iraq. Remember Jerry Rivers weeeeeeeeeping like a WEINSTEIN DATE as, THE BOYS. The BOYS???? Crossed into Kuwait. I have no dog in the hunt. However, My NAMESAKE, and my SONS namesake was BURIED in DAMASCUS in 1918. It will be 101 years a week from tomorrow, that he was buried in DAMASCUS. I made note of it a year ago HERE. His British MOA, is 3 or 4 feet behind me, on my living room wall. I have all of his legacy and medals. Why should we be there NOW???? Didn't the fucking FULL COMMIE constantly ask about END GAMES etc etc etc. YET, as my 7:00 and previous screed pointed out.......THE GOP, cannot see who OUR CURRENT ENEMY IS, and WHAT THEIR GOAL IS??????? Who in the last 40 years, in AMERICA....has steadfastly FOUGHT for "YOUR" American values??????
Capn'.....You get it.
The SWAMP, and I mean the ENTIRE SWAMP, does not share the values of MOST OF US. Friends, we come from all walks of life. We have Yale grads, we have BIG TEN grads, we have lawyers, cops, real estate investor self made ledge OWNERS. We have financial wiz'z'z'z, *you know who you are*, we have Librarians, and Professors, Writers/Authors and Lawyers who are Writers, we have Doctors, Nurses, Salesmen, and numerous ENGINEEEEEERS. We have Home-makers, hopefully NOT home-wreckers, we have FORMER MILITARY, we have lots of FORMER MILITARY, whom I could never THANK enough. We have Engineers who are Cinci grads and former Military with knowledge and anecdotes that could last a lifetime. We have a group who are retired and semi-retired in FLORIDA. And in the last couple years, we have lost some friends. Frau and Daddy are missed GREATLY by ME. We have friends who have endured ILLNESS and come back, we have friends who have lost DEAR LOVED ONES and still mourn. We have our ROCK N ROLL WJOM/KJOM crew. We have CHEFS, RECIPES, and CHEFS-TO-BE. We share gifts, and packages and anonymity. And anonymities become known friends, with shared addresses and phone numbers. Then there are the JOM get togethers. I've been part of several, and I'm not a jealous guy, but I've been envious of some that I missed. SHAPIROS and TERRY BRADSHAW making an appearance or 3. The NYC get together that still hurts to think about. We've fought, we've (of course including me), have said things and lashed out unfairly. We should ALL AGREE, that the FULL COMMIE has been coming for ALL OF US, and our LOVED ONES, for 2 generations. THAT IS WHAT THIS ATTACK ON POTUS DJT is all ABOUT. NO.....HEY LOOK A SQUIRREL!!!!!! NO........LOOK AT THAT SHINY RUSSIAN PENNY/RUBLE.......... None of this is about DJT. ALL of this is about the TANTRUM that follows THE RODHAM TET OFFENSIVE. They took their best shot, COMEY, CLAPPER, BRENNAN, LORETTA LYNCH, SUSAN RICE,SAMANTHA POWER, McCABE, STRZOK, PAGE, OHR, THE ENTIRE ENTRENCHED (purposely)Federal Bureaucracy, ALL FOREIGN SERVICE and DOJ, HOLDOVERS, that were not SHITCANNED on inauguration day. AND THE MF'ing RANCID DECAYING, DISGUSTING IMMORAL and UNETHICAL MEDIA. Wants to destroy.............. WHAT WE STAND FOR, WHAT WE HAVE LIVED FOR, WHAT WE HAVE PAID FOR, and for WHAT OUR CONSTITUTION DEMANDS. POSSIBLY, the longest GUS rant of all time.
Maryrose, you are a sweet woman. Henry, I cannot tell you how much I value your brain, your heart and our friendship.
I'm so very sorry my friends, but I found this on FOX NEWS MAIN news page. I'd like some comments about this story.
How bad was the weather in The Bronx today??
Henry, I am a native born American. If I came to your office and misrepresented who I am for a job, or used some fictious or misappropriated SS#. What would the gubmint do, if they found out I did this???
It's ok to call Brett Kavanaugh a gang rapist?? It's ok to bang Willie Brown for power and posistion. It's ok to LIE REPEATEDLY for personal gain about being a CHEROKEE, NATIVE AMERICAN or AMERICAN INDIAN?? on and on and on and on and on and on. Much of this country looks at FULL COMMIE POLS, as CELEBRETARDS.
Ig..."she was an animal, she was a fucking disgrace".............. Kamaltoe fits that description.
When I saw the Sex Pistols, they OPENED with BODIES. I predicted among my friends that they would. The LYRICS are graphic, and SAY IT ALL.
I loved the vidoe over the weekend of SQUAW marching with the QUEERS, as THEY like to call themselves. Headline??? Lez Warren marches with Queers.
I have an autographed Jim Palmer jersey on my office wall. And a Robin Yount autographed jersey.
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