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Narciso, I've read WILDLY DISPARATE takes on CARTER PAGES wealth or lack there of. One thing I've learned over the last 15 years, is that the MFM, I think we all know what the F stands for.....shills, covers, colludes, and conspires with the DEM/COMMIE PARTY. I looked up Page and related info on him, and I "accidently" clicked on a FB story. It had nothing that resembled JOURNALISM or any FACT BASED info, but it was CERTAIN that PAGE IS DIRTY and basically broke. I nearly typed...."HOW ON EARTH DO THESE HACKS and FOOLS,not recognize their own STUPIDITY and STENCH." But I realized that they are DRONES, greedy and brainwashed since Kindergarten if not before that. The idea that these people DO NOT or CANNOT think logically or critically or skeptically goes by the wayside. I recently read somewhere, someone saying, FULL COMMIE/DEMS/LIBTARDS CANNOT THINK. This is true, but unfortunately as a logical person, and from an experience sequestered on a MURDER JURY for 2 and 1/2 weeks, I learned that LIES DECEPTION and COVER UPS, display an obvious DISHONESTY. It's as if they still want to believe DAVID KORESH or THE SCIENTOLOGY CULT. Ok. Then why the lies and cover up??
Clarice, Michael Smith is a treasure. He is logical, he is Conservative, and he makes his cases point by point. He does use a lot of words, but they are all relevant. I found out about him HERE. Not to disrespect anyone, but I think Stephanie turned me on to him. I love reading his stuff. It's a non-pretentious stream of consciousness. I don't know much about him, and I've been to busy to look into his cred, but I love his stuff. I read it all the way thru, like your PIECES or VICTOR DAVID HANSON.
It's all a joke Pin. The media and the pop culture have fucked things up so bad, AS I PREDICTED, they have no where to go but TOTAL COMMIE. Backing away from this mess isn't an option for them.
Dear Vladmir Sir, this is a list of things I am afraid of. There are 16 if you don't count Teacher Jill or THE DARK. What a dangerous buffoon. Weakness is not strength.
Dave, in high school, I had a rival tell me before we had a fight, a throw down. .. GUS, only one rule. No punching in the face. GAME OVER. DING DING DING GUS WINS.
What a drooling demented dishonest embarrassment.
Mel, Sandy Berger was just SLOPPY. Did you see his desk????
Tom, who is TEXAS "messing with". Did you read something in the NY SLIMES??? Are you going to NY for the BEEEEG CELEBRATION and FIREWORKS??? Didn't think so.
Mr Maguire, I assume by the GREATEST CITY in the WORLD, you mean NYC.. Have you been there lately??? Bwahahahahahahaahahhahahahhahhahahhaha.
I think that's a good analogy Jim, the difference is/was, our nation, politicians and military leaders, were NOT GOING TO LOSE. They pulled out all of the stops and Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were ordered to stand down, and DID NOT. Now, we have NUTS screeching to DEFUND their own POLICE Depts. We have WORMS, moving up the chain of command, just 4+ years after OBAMA did a STALIN on our OFFICER CORPS. Or is that CORPSE.
Jim, this is a local FOX ENTERTAINMENT affiliate. It is not FOX NEWS. But being a FOX AFFILIATE is the ADVERTISING BAIT, that keeps the LOCAL STATION on the air. My Mother was very very bright, and very accomplished. I remember a year or so before she passed suddenly, that she made or TRIED TO MAKE a case that........"I haven't heard that at all GUSSIE POO." I told her that the MEDIA that you watch on over the air TV, in Milwaukee no longer reports NEWS, rather it is bought and paid for PROPAGANDA. Her retort, was that she watched the LOCAL FOX WITI CHANNEL 6, and even they had not reported what we were talking about. MORAL OF THE STORY, my Mother, a CPA and a JD, believed what she wanted to believe. What we will see tomorrow EVERYWHERE is two-fold. THE REPORTER is an evil BITCH, who was wrong and duplicitous to take her shot when she had the chance, AND, that THIS IS FOX/FAUX news. Once again, ZERO CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS. They will merely defend DAVID KORESH ONCE AGAIN.
Jim, I grew up in Wauwatosa Wisconsin. Connected to Milwaukee on the EAST at 60th st, and connected on the NORTH at CENTER ST. I grew up less than a block inside TOSA, as we call it, at N.88th and CLARKE. Pastoral in my day. North at 93rd and Capitol, Roughly a mile from my home, was a local pharmacy. Y'know, the candy bar, Coke, Prescriptions etc........ It was smashed up in the riots in TOSA that were national news. I saw it has closed. 40 years I knew the place,and it was okay until bLACKS were egged on by Pelosi, Biden, Schumer et al. JUST LIKE KENOSHA which burned, was looted and was way way way out of control, ANTIFA bLACK lIES, mATTER etc. The easily roused and convinced are being EGGED on by FULL COMMIES/and LIBS who are desperately clinging to power. It's sick, and most of this SHIT, is not hard to understand fathom nor see coming. THE PHARMACY. It was call TOSA PHARMACY. Tosa is where SCOTT WALKER MADE HIS BONES, his boys went to my HIGH SCHOOL....TOSA EAST/WAUWATOSA EAST. It strikes home, and the MOB does not THINK.
Jim nj. I think very highly of Victor Davis Hanson. He is unemotional in every tome I've read. And I've read many. He is even handed, logical and extremely even handed. With each and every bullet point he lined up, I could actually hear and predict, the unmeasured spastic response. Those who throw themselves into something, without reason or thought, are left with the problem of explaining their actions and their thoughts. It ends up in a infected pablum of denial, by those who jumped on the band wagon, while it was on fire. RESULT. Check your white privilege. Well, I'd certainly like to, but there is NO SUCH THING. Jonathan Swift...“It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into.” Our society has been politically predicated on BUYING HUMANS. 1619. bLACKS sold bLACKS to the BRITISH. I am not responsible for that. But what has an already conservative GUS, unwavering, IS.........this disgusting pile of crap, ACCUSES my SON of being a RACIST, because he was born white. And they always have a reason for their LUNACY. WHITE PRIVILEGE. A logical fellow like me is not going to take this shit. PERIOD.
The whole rancid covid thing, is a lesson to all of us who DO THINK CRITICALLY and are SKEPTICAL of the horse shit the entire Federal govt serves us. FRAUDSKI, never ever added up to me. Way way way way too long in charge of a bureaucracy. To me he always seemed way to FULL of HIMSELF, and his demeanor, just didn't seem honest. He reminded me of LOIS LERNER types, who felt they were untouchable. THEY WERE. The lengths the press and the COMMIE PARTY went to to protect FRAUDSKI sent up red flags to me. Fraudski with PELOS, Fraudski palling around with ELTON JOHN, Fraudski's chilling history vis a vis AIDS and how he thought it could be transmitted. SORRY, IT DOESN'T ADD UP. During this awful and rancid SHIT STAIN on our countries history, FRAUDSKI was arrogant and wrong, and wrong, and wrong, and wrong. His squealing about a conspiracy against him, is the logical conclusion to a SELF IMPORTANT SOCIOPATH. WHAT SCIENCE DID FRAUDSKI ever show us????????
Lib/Commies, do not revere anything, other than the UTOPIA they seek. Unfortunately, even the best surgeons, and general practice MD's, know how to TAKE OUT WRENCHED ANKLE. But they have no clue about honor, duty, morality nor any sense of pride in America. Like the N.Korean young women said......and I've said for years. They do not think critically. The do not think. They have been brow beaten, and brainwashed by very very very evil PROFESSORS. Go along to get along.
MissM, they are emboldened. Dozens of Federal employees, set out to discredit DJT. Not a one of them paid any price. They are (as I've said for years) not in fear of consequences.
Mitt Romney is a clown. Paul Ryan purposely let the GOP down with his virtue signaling crap. WE VOTED FOR THESE 2. I used to know Ryan, and I am ashamed.
Was John Effin Kerry Kohn Heinz convicted??
Davod. I agree. My wife would kill any one and anything that tried to harm our son. Unfortunately, she would be pushed aside, as I gouged the eye's ears nose throat and balls of anyone FIRST. MY US AIR FORCE ACADEMY grad niece's MOM, my BROTHERS WIFE, would eviscerate anything that came near to her kids. One of the things that I love about her.
And my dear Jane. I am half British.
Not unbelievable at all. Biden is and always has been a LOW LIFE LOSER. And his "wife" likewise.
Davod. Israel has embarked on a capitulation, that will not end well.
Matt your post was RIDICULOUS and UN-POSSIBLE. SLOPPY JOE said their would be nobody making less than $400,000 that would pay MOAR taxes.
Who does not recognize what a piece of shit STONE-MANNING is???? Seriously. How do COMMIE PIECES OF SHIT like this ugly broad advance??? Because those who aid them are themselves PIECES OF SHIT.