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Pin, Lies Warren, is a GRIFTER. She is all about THE CASH.
MUTT ROMBLEY. U.S. SENATOR Abject self centered ass
Jim NJ. MIGRANTS stopped arrested, and deported to their country of origin. Wow, how inhumame.
Jim Nj. Don't forget ROMNEY. Good Lord, how did the GOP nominate this phony. Mister clean/Mormon ROMNEY, is so SELF ABSORBED, THAT it is SCARY.
Jim Nj, the MFM MEDIA, is 100% hard left. The MOST open minded MEDIA STAR, is not merely biased politically, but has grown up in the cesspool of group think. I saw Martha McCallum have a hard time recognizing how SICK and DISGUSTING that HILLARY RODHAM IS. And how obvious RODHAM'S Participation in this ABJECT FRAUD has been
JimNorCal. The collective LEFT is completely UNHINGED. The FULL COMMIE LEFT, has exhausted all options as regards winning logical political debate. You and I are RACIST WHITE SUPREMECISTS. We are CAPITALIST greedy PIGS. We hate IMMIGRANTS. We try to block minorities from voting. We hate women, and do no respect a wymyns right to control her own body and health care. We CONSERVATIVES, want to stop women from accessing BIRTH CONTROL, and we want to criminalize wymyns "health care" choices. It is obvious why conservatives need to be stopped.
Tom R. The McMuffin post, and the GOOOFY RETARDED responses, are truly disturbing. These NUTS, show no need to show reason and logic in their nonsensical posts.
JIM NJ, I completely disagree. The POLITICAL WORLD, the UNITED STATES crazed LEFTIST AGENDA, is far far crazier than ever before. THE FACTS of our existance, are 100 percent counter to what the FULL COMMIE HORDE SUGGESTS. For EXAMPLE. Rodham, a completely without any honor and disgusting and vile human...CREATED a HOAX, and paid RUSSIANS to DESTROY POTUS DJT. CRAZY????? We are 2 and a half years in, and it has become OBVIOUS to anyone that isn't biased or retarded, that RODHAM and OBAMA, and the ENTIRE FULL COMMIE LEFT.......attempted to SET UP POTUS DJT. IT FAILED.....YET THE MFM and all of the LEFTISTS, continue to PRETEND, that POTUS DJT, was committing the very crimes that RODHAM perpetrated. AND HALF OF AMERICA, 47 percent of the LEFT, actually believes that RUSSIA was "tinkering", with our VOTING MACHINES. This is the biggest POLITICAL SCANDAL in US HISTORY. And the MFM is complicit.
POOOOOOOOOTERICO, is BAT SHIT CRAZY. He's a second or third rate LAW SCHOOL SPAWN. He's a third rate or 7th rate member of the 1000 strong LA COUNTY PERSECUTORS orafice. In other words, JOHN PATRICK FREY, is a dumb shit, working for the LA DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S ORAFICE. POOOOOOOOOOOOOTER, tried to build on his PATHETIC SELF ESTEEM, by becoming a PRETEND CONSERVATIVE. When he bet all his "chips" on RED......yes.....RED, just like BULWARK BOY, when this NOBODY from L.A. bet on RED, and LOST.....He came UNGLUED, ANGRY and CLOWNISH. Read his tripe now. HAHAHHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA. It sounds like a 16 year old who just got dumped by a FAT CHICK. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! YAY POOOOOTER.
The SLOBBERING FULL COMMIE LEFT, has decided to make AG BARR the target of their hate and ire. Predictable. What role did BARR have in writing the MUELLER 2 and a half year CLOWN SHOW???? The FULL COMMIE LEFT'S intent is to DISCREDIT AG BARR, so Mr BARR'S investigations into RODHAM and the RANCID FBI, will be tainted. LET THE GAMES BEGIN.
Yes Narciso, he looks like an evil apparition. He has ZERO skills nor accomplishments to have been elected Governor. THAT IS SCARY.
Narciso, virtually every news post/story or link, made mention that the BILL to protect LIVING BREATHING BABIES, was a GOP or REPUBLICAN BILL. Most of the stories also included the BILL not being necessary, because MURDERING THE LIVE BABY was quite RARE. These bastards have NO SHAME. NONE.
Is Drudge still alive????
Beasts, my Grandfather (same last name as me) lived for many years in Mobile. Beautiful place, great food.
Maryrose, Rodham is not merely a sore loser, this sick LOSER, created this ENTIRE CHARADE. What kind of human PIG, pays 10 MILLLLLLLLLLLLION DOLLARS to create DOCUMENTS that dishonestly SLANDER a POLITICAL OPPONENT??? This POLITICAL WHORE is guilty as HELL. Her entire tenure as SEC STATE was rife with dishonesty, dishonor, and complete lack of decency. She created a PRIVATE SERVER!!! She allowed hundreds of CLASSIFIED DOCS to fall into GDD KNOW'S WHOSE HANDS. She got STRZOK, LYNCH and COMEY to conspire to LET HER OFF. With the aid of her SEXUAL PREDATOR HUSBAND. And here she is in her MOO MOO talking SHIT. She needs the CEAUCESCU treatment.
So Commie Bernie thinks FELONS should have the right to VOTE, and the right to KEEP AND BARE ARMS. But you don't have the RIGHT to KEEP and BARE arms.
I have tickets for POTUS DJT in GREEN BAY this weekend.
What about the LYING PRETEND INJUN would make ANY SANE individual VOTE for her??? I love the FULL COMMIE DEM PARTY STRATEGY. Divide itself and conquer itself. JOE BIDEN?????? For fux sake.
A-BOB, it's not as if BUZZ FEED published RODHAM'S DOSSIER or SUMPTING.
Steph, when I started getting "PLEASE DON'T TAKE MY PLANNED PARENTHOOD" ads, here on JOM, I knew that SATAN now controls the INTERWEBS. And many many people allow their FINGERPRINT to be used as access to ZUCKERWORLD!!!
Mitch McConnell. Sherlock Holmes. The GOP sat back and took kicks to the scrotum for the last 2 decades. Not fighting back a la W Bush. THAT'S NOT WHO WE ARE. Is why I turned away from Paul Ryan and the entire GOPe.
Impeachment is not a LEGAL proceding. Impeachment is a POLITICAL ACTION, taken by Congress. High Crimes and Misdemeanors are not defined. Impeachment has happened twice in U.S. history. Andrew Johnson, Abe Lincoln's replacement was impeached but not convicted by the Senate. Bill Clinton was impeached. The Senate had no INTEREST in convicting him. The CURRENT FULL COMMIE LEFTIST CONGRESS is NUTS. Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. I suggest they get bizzzzy and start impeaching. MOAR POPCORN PLEASE
OL, the HUBRIS of CANKLES von CURB DIVE is merely huff puff buffffery to keep the COUP WHEELS turning. The ENTIRE COUP was predicated on OBAMA having only 3 weeks left to start the charade OR HE AND RODHAM KNEW THEY WERE TOAST. It got traction until NOW. 2 AND A HALF YEARS of CONSPIRACY and COMPLICIT COVER UP is coming to an end.