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Hi Chelsea, I'm writing a document about a course in tobacco cessation, where I refer to the course often and we use the abbreviation TC. However, I also refer to tobacco cessation as a concept, and in those cases it feels awkward in every way to use the acronym. For example, after introducing the acronym, I might have a sentence that looks like this: "The new TC course will use the suggested motivational messages (Hoffman, et al., 2008) to affect an attitudinal change toward TC." In discussing the course, it is a good idea to use an abbreviation as references to the course necessarily appear constantly (i.e., annoyingly often) throughout the document, but when I am actually talking about the concept of tobacco cessation and not the course, using an acronym is actually inappropriate. Is there an allowance for using the acronym when the word refers to one thing and spelling it out when it refers to something else, even though it's the same word?
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Hi Chelsea, How do I do the punctuation on this blog post reference? I have no idea how to do the punctuation. Move the question mark after [Blog post]? it looks so weird. Leaving [Blog post] as an orphan can't be right. ? [Blog post]. looks nice, but I'm sure that's too much punctuation? Smith, Z. (2013, December 5). How are responsive design and adaptive design different? [Blog post] Retrieved 03/10/16 from
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