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If you are not able to read "we have 500.000 subscribers, whereof 390.000 receive their subscription as a free "add on" when buying other products" as anything but "we have 500.000 subscribers"... I am not surprised he conciders a lawsuit. But the company he boutht was a listed, public company, and he did do a due diligence before the deal was signed, as well. So... who is to blame? Those who are not able to read "whereof" clauses in letters, or the ones doing due diligence that does not highlight said "whereof"? Add to that that Tidal started taking over Wimp users, with a statement that sounded like "Hey Wimp User. You have been using Wimp, listening to lossless music, with an computer app, and android/iphone apps. You can continue using Wimp, but you should come to Tidal, because we will close down all wimp services after a while. We do not have a computer app for Tidal, so you will have to use a web browser to listen to music on your computer. And if you want to listen to lossless music, on Tidal that does not have a computer app, you will have to use the Chrome web browser, as no other web browsers will support lossless listening. Feel free to use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera, but then you wil listen to lossy music as well. Welcome to Tidal, we will make you move from Wimp in the end". (Ok, that was not the actual wording of the letter, but as a user, that was what I read.) NOW they have a Tidal app. And lossless listening through that, without Chrome. But I for one was happy with Wimp, and was seriously concidering giving up my subscription when Tidal took over, based on their aproach to music quality and apps. How many users did NOT renew their subscriptions just based on Tidals communications? How many new subcribers did move to Spotify? I would guess "a lot".
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Mar 31, 2016