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My interest in choosing this article came from the fact that I feel like this topic is not covered enough and deserves more recognition than is given, so I was glad to see it in the articles to choose from. I have previously studied this topic from a reproductive biology perspective and was saddened to find out how few women have access to reproductive health resources. Now, looking at this issue from a sociological perspective I can begin to understand why our society still faces, what I think are, rudimentary health issues some of which include women performing self-induced abortions. Abortion, being a very political issue, leave the clinics to gain a bad reputation, therefore are being shut down in states whose political views are against these measures. I believe that regardless of the state’s political position on this topic that these resources should be made available and in close proximity to all women. Even more so in states whose political views are against abortion clinics they should allow free birth control to all women and see how this changes the abortion rates. These clinics provide more than just abortions and these services are often overlooked by the state and shut down anyways. It is important to all of society that men and women of all income levels have access to various types of contraception, tests and screenings, and vaccinations. I believe a society with equal access to these types of health care will see positive outcomes in many ways. This could lessen the gap seen in social stratification and possibly make a change in the lack of mobility seen in America’s social class ladder. With the ability to prevent an unwanted pregnancy a women now has the choice to stay in school longer, get a career that might be outside her family's social class and begin to pursue the sought after “American Dream.”
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Apr 5, 2016