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As you touched on, I believe that storytelling (in all forms) plays a dominant role in the learning, growing, and accepting of our own cultural identities. I was born into a complicated family; then again, who isn’t? My father is of Angelo-Saxon decent and fathered a child (my half-sister, Dena) with his first wife. My mother, on the other hand, is Mexican and Puerto Rican. Together they had my older brother Christian and seven years later I unexpectedly entered the world. Up until then neither one of my parent’s families had ever married—let alone reproduced with—someone outside of their race. Growing up I felt disconnected and confused about my race. What was I? Who was I? And where could I begin to find those answers? Looking back now I realize the key to understanding my world and myself better could be achieved through sociological exploration. Great article!
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Apr 6, 2016