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Harpreet Waraich
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In Inventor 2019, a new “Lock Hose Length” feature has been added to the “Edit Hose Length” option. In the previous versions of Inventor, the length of the flexible hose provided in the Actual Length field of the Edit Hose Length dialog box was not a reliable indicator of length. Whereas, the new Lock Hose Length allows you to calculate an exact sum of hose length. Benefits When selected, if components move or shift, this option prevents the length of the hose from changing due to adaptivity. Lock Hose Length allows you to calculate an exact sum of hose length.... Continue reading
Posted Feb 22, 2019 at IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog
If you would like to have a better resolution or display quality of the Inventor models, there are couple of settings you can change for the best results. If you noticed jagged edges on the model, Inventor is doing it to speed up the process, so that it doesn’t put load on the graphics card. Depending on the hardware of your computer, you can try following tricks to improve the display quality. Go to Applications Options> Display and set the display quality to “Smoother”. Go to Inventor Application options > Hardware > Quality, by default this setting is at performance.... Continue reading
In Inventor 2017, a new feature relationships tool has been added that can identify parent and child relationships between part features. This is useful to see the dependencies between the features, before you edit or delete them. Earlier than this, only way to see the dependent features was to try deleting a feature and then it would highlight any dependents.But this tool allows you to check relationships between features and change them as required. Right click on a feature and see its relationships. In the Relationships window, you can see the parents and children of that feature. Every feature has... Continue reading
Posted Aug 30, 2016 at IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog
Missing Express Tools? Follow the instructions to add the Express Tools to AutoCAD Ribbon. Continue reading
Posted Jul 20, 2016 at IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog
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Apr 14, 2016