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Great article Nancy! I especially like the insights about employer-provided health insurance plans preventing market forces to bring down health care costs. While our legislators are spending so much time and money trying to figure out who will pay the cost of our bloated health care system, no one is addressing the larger problem that health care costs -- like those of our universities -- have reached staggering levels due to lack of free market forces keeping the prices down. Hospitals and administrators are making too much and some doctors are making too little, which is the same problem with our school systems.
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Great article! Trump would be a true gift to this country -- there's a good reason why so many are fighting to bring him down. He is uniquely qualified to start making a dent into our country's many problems and he will be guided by what is right for the people, not special interest groups that have bought and paid for the establishment. Trump doesn't need the presidency; we need him as president.
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Apr 16, 2016