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Kelly Luc
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I first said goodbye to home as a bright-eyed 17 year old, embarking on her first adventure away. Besides a few trips out-of-state for a science competition (yes, I know), I knew little more than the admittedly large area that comprises Los Angeles County. Cliché as it was, I felt... Continue reading
If you’ve ever watched anime or read manga, you’ve... Continue reading
Located about an hour away from the center of Tokyo, Kamakura is a popular daytrip for many urbanites looking for a reprieve in the bustling, crowded concrete jungle. Referred by some as a “mini Kyoto,” Kamakura is a city known for its traditional architecture, temples, and shrines. It boasts a... Continue reading
Everybody searches for a center. People naturally seek out places to plant their roots; they instinctively look for spaces they can return “home” to. Studying (and being) abroad is inevitably hard because it necessitates that one severs oneself from the familiar. And this is a good thing—it really is. But... Continue reading
Japan loves its seasons. And no, I’m not talking a... Continue reading
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Apr 24, 2016