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to me, this article doesn't really present anything new. There are many research articles coming out with new discoveries like this. However, very few of them ever make it to the commercial scale. The inherent nature of capacitors allow for high cyclability and fast charge/discharge cycles, because it's operating mechanism doesn't rely on the lithium chemistry that li ion batteries have. So that's nothing new. Also, since energy density was mentioned, supercapacitors tend to be much less energy dense than our modern day lithium ion batteries, by at least one order of magnitude, so if this ever sees commercial application, it will be used in conjunction with batteries, such as regenerative braking, or engine shutoff at intersections for hybrids. And considering commercial applications already exists, this will somehow have to prove itself to be superior to what's already available in performance or cost. So in short, while it's good that people are trying to find new ways to improve energy storage, very few of these ideas will ever stick.
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Apr 25, 2016