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David Habakkuk makes an important point. A powerful factor in our Elites' dangerous and hysterical reactions to Brexit and Trump, is that the further Reality diverges from their Ideology, the more desperately they cling to their Ideology. And what might their Ideology be? Anglo-America is the "Empire of Reason". That's why we are Exceptional and Indispensable. And why our Meritocracy of Technocrats have been anointed by Progress (i.e, secularized Providence) to spread the Universal values of human rights to benighted realms -- including Libya, Syria, Yemen, and my own deplorable Flyover Country. (We are the French Revolution's "Cult of Reason 2.0", pushing a newly-upgraded triad -- digital "freedom", diversity, and democracy.) Babak Makkinejad has shown the power of correctly naming an ideology -- Shoah Cultists. So I humbly propose we name the disease that possesses our Elites ... Enlightenment Jihad.
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Apr 30, 2016