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I had urge to comment seeing Tinder app.Having teen kids,I was kinda worried by this dating app.I want to keep my kids safe from those dark sides of internet such as online predators,online harassment etc unless they are at the age to make their own decision.So,after a friend's recommendation I am using Familoop safeguard parental control app which easily gives me the function to block the apps based on age ratings.So far the results have been good.I will definitely recommend this app for parents.
I use Familoop Safeguard( parental control app to monitor my children online as well as social media activities.One of the function which I liked most in this app is setting time limits for games,apps and devices.I had set time out mode which has helped me to discipline my kids and have a quality dinner time without having to scold my kids for excessively using phones during dinner time.
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May 9, 2016