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Retired Engineer
Interests: The Truth
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WE ARE IN A PICKLE The UK DfT tests showed that on average all eu5 & eu6 vehicles tested produced 6 * the test cell levels of NOx when driven to the same test cycle. VW used cycle identification Others used a temperature window They all produced similar high emissions, and VW were not the worse. VW haven't said why they did it Other manufacturers say they did it to protect the engine from damage. Modern diesels are already prone to problems with the EGR and particulate filter blocking up with soot. Reduces NOx emissions increases soot. Governments are encouraging manufacturers to fix delivered vehicles to reduce emissions. 4 Questions:- How is it that all manufacturers felt so invulnerable that the knew they could game the system without being caught? Why did it take the Americans to catch them out? If the loophole in the regulations is justified and legal, why didn't the manufacturers admit what was going on and save the governments a whole lot of wasted time and resources? What will happen to the reliability (which is already suspect) when upgrades reduce the NOx and presumably increase soot?
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May 13, 2016