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Alicja Nemoudry
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Film Studies and Global Architecture and Design semester activities It might seem that film and architecture are only remotely connected, however, the same cannot be said about students of CIEE Film Studies program, and students of CIEE Global Architecture and Design. Since the very beginning of the program, students have... Continue reading
Vienna Trip The beautiful capital of Austria has become a home for five CIEE Global Architecture and Design students in the beginning of October. Leaving early in the morning on Friday, students had an opportunity to discover lots of cultural heritage and visit many places that have been opened during... Continue reading
Fresh start in Prague! The last Monday of August has started the exciting one-semester-ride for students of Film Studies and Global Architecture and Design Programs. Coming from a great distances, students have been welcome at the airport, accommodated and the first week full of activities commenced! Orientation week was happening... Continue reading
From Vienna to Copenhagen Students of the Global Architecture and Design program have been working hard during their time in Prague. As a sweet academic reward, CIEE orgnized two academic trips for them. One of them was to Vienna, the other one to Copenhagen. On one of the Fridays, the... Continue reading
October was a month of travels for CIEE Global Architecture and Design programme. Students have travelled around Europe for their academic trips; more precisely they have visited the beautiful historical Vienna and warm and vivid Barcelona. On Friday 7th October the group of eight students has started their journey to... Continue reading
First two weeks of Global Architecture and Design students have been filled with a busy schedule. Apart from two days of orientation spent in CIEE centre and Architectural Institute in Prague, students have visited the most beautiful parts of Prague with tour guide and the gothic castle Karlštejn located outside... Continue reading
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May 18, 2016