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Ralph J. Esposito
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Not every phrase or every word in the bible is inspired. The gospels were written by at least four different types or communities. The OT consists of many authors and communities. In the creation story things happen in ways that scientifically they did not happen. This does not nullify the truth that is conveyed. The bible is simply not teaching science. To expect it is ludicrous. Even in the world of science, things are proven and then disproved, adjusted and then readjusted as time and evidence progresses. That does not deny the underlying principle of science. Atheists and others think that the bible must be read as fundamentalists read it. In doing this they claim superior knowledge or an "aha" or "got you" moment when in reality they quibble over nothing of importance except for their own agenda. But that is what they get for reding other people's mail.
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May 23, 2016