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Adam Griffin
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More than 20% of those who voted in down-ballot races in last night's Democratic primary did *not* cast a vote in the Senate primary race (literally at the top of the ballot): 306,000 votes in the Senate race versus approximately 375,000 votes on the state Democratic straw poll questions, which were considerably further down the ballot. Additionally, a relative no-name (Copeland) who raised $9,000 garnered more than 42% of the vote against the presumed front-runner (Barksdale), who has already put $1 million of his own money into his campaign coffers. It'd be interesting to find out why 1 in 5 voters didn't vote in the top-ticket race (lack of information/awareness of candidates, no obvious preference for one candidate over another) and whether there were specific groups/demographics that were more likely to skip the race and/or vote for Cheryl Copeland.
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May 25, 2016