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Sunrise in Paris
Born in the Blue Ridge, lived in the Conch Republic. Submariner and sometime adventurer.
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BillWade, I'll see if I can make it one day. Next time you come North go 15 minutes further and stop at the Nokomis Sunset Hut. Happy hour starts early, they serve great drinks, live music and its on the water. Food would never get a star but the sunsets work wonders. cobarts, Is that what Trump did? That seems a standard California view. As to me, I so look forward to Jeb!, or Little Marco, or Nikki! or whomever runs next to make way for Kamala's second term. Trump would eat their lunch with no effort, or, to the detriment of non-institutional shareholders, a single tweet.
Walrus, You are correct on what would happen.
DeSantis is certainly viable, however I think it is premature to count Trump out. Trump's the perfect foil to suck up the continued legacy establishment, tech oligarchy and social media firestorm that will continue for years to come. Meanwhile we see Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), house impeachment manager, proved the left thinks fabricating evidence is perfectly acceptable, as evidenced by submission of a Charlottesvillesque edited video of Trump's speech. This is in keeping with the now very visible institutional integrity of the FBI (FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith's fabrication of evidence against Carter Page, amongst other items), the DOJ (The Mueller team's phone erasures, and the entire investigation; Barr and Durham 'rope a dope' investigation), The Judiciary (U.S. District Judge for D.C. James Boasberg for sentancing Clinesmith to probation; Judge Sullivan re: Michael Flynn), The FISA court (supervised by Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts,), The Supreme Court (Roberts, re: "the whistleblower", and again, joined by 6 others, the dismissal on 'standing' in Texas v Pennsylvania The left has show itself concerned solely with the acquisition and maintenance of power at any cost to the fabric of the Republic. The next election being won by an effective and as far as we can tell clean political leader like DeSantis? Fat chance. He barely beat gay drug user Gillum. That was before the left was willing to pull the fraud levers everywhere. He'd be better off replacing Trump in 2028.
Patrick, I look forward to your analysis, and concur, catastrophe is brewing.
Patrick, irf520, In addition to solar tanks we have the LCS, which, to quote Lord Fisher, can neither "run nor fight" (who would ever think a navy need do that), and, to top it off, we're getting tranny ready: Sure glad we have our priorities straight.
Steven Willett, Thank you very much for your continued work. I see I missed out on an opportunity not learning Latin or Greek when young.
It looks like Cuomo's career has outlived its usefulness to the Party. Newsome dug his own political grave. Meanwhile in the Senate the selectively edited evidence fails to win a conviction. In GOP news Pence-Hailey 2024. (Democrat lite.) Are these people really that stupid?
TTG, "Hospitals have never been in danger of collapsing..." Now that there has been a change in administrations there's a change of tune of the narrative. Why are states still ordering lockdowns and masks if there was never any danger of hospitals being overwhelmed? That was the whole point of doing so. Well, actually, driving Trump from office was the point. Mission accomplished.
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2021 on More False Covid Hysteria at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Resticting travel to Florida now, months after the people fleeing the disease infested state run by Biden's Butcher, Governor Andrew Cuomo, brought the (checks lawfuly allowable speech terms) China virus here to kill off thousands of Americans who reside in Flordia? What's not to like about that, since NY, NJ and others imposed quarantines in June: We are approaching the one year anniversary of "15 days to slow the spread". How did all those quarantines and shutdowns work for NY and NJ? "More than 9,000 recovering coronavirus patients in New York state were released from hospitals into nursing homes early in the pandemic...." via AP. "“we froze” out of fear the true numbers would “be used against us” by federal prosecutors, " I guess the granny killer is no longer the darling of the Democratic Party now that St. Joe, the 80 million vote man, is in office. Why aren't a lot of 'experts' now unemployed, and a few in jail?
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2021 on More False Covid Hysteria at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Poor multimillionaire Juan. I wonder when he's going to get around to commenting on the fact America wasn't "systemically racist" when his parents came here, unlike what his intellectual fellows on the left are saying now.
Jimmy W, "Scapegoat is a time-tested way to bond together." Certainly it has not escaped your attention that the cultural marxists have moved to the view there are only victims and oppressors and that one must be loyal first to one's race. Thus the 'diversity coalition' bonds together by scapegoating the founders of the Republic - based upon their race - and all their decendents, as 'oppressors'.
Yeah Right, I made no mention of Iran making any concession. Yes the Biden Administration could waltz back in, if he could get his herd of loyal cats to not step all over themselves.
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2021 on Without us ... at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Jimmy W, "Multicultural Diverse Societies a...." We've been falling apart as a long time, it started accelerating long before the internet. "USSR and Yugoslavia led the way." You left out the Ottoman Empire as well as the Austro-Hungarian one, and a lot of others that preceded them. "cultivate a supra-identity, through, say, national conscription and a state-religion" The religion of Woke with its various denominations, Climate Change, BLM, Covid are what you had in mind? National conscription led by Biden's best? "supra-identity" It was called the United States for a reason. Obama and company gutted the cultural mythos that held the republic together and allowed people from varisous regions, as well as non-ciotizen immigrants, to assmimilate into our notionally national culture - if they wanted too.
"If I was advising the Biden Administration..." It sounds like you too have read Maichiavelli and agree that now that he's in charge Bidwn needs to be the 'good guy' and put the country's actual interests at the forfront of his actions. If you recall from your reading, that only comes after ruthlessly purging all his political opponents, and those who might challenge him in the future. We;ve got a ways to go on that count. " defuse the current situation by bringing the deplorables into the tent." If you mean that you should start by not using that term.
Yeah, Right, "All that is required now is for all parties to announce that they will come back into compliance with the terms of that agreement. " The Biden administration is desperate to get back in. Iran can demand, and recieve, quite a bit in concession to make that happen. The worst thing that happens to them is the current status quo. Which leaves Trump's policies in place (I'd remind Biden's people of that every day if I were Iran). We'll be giving them lots, including money, shortly. Can't let Trump have the last word.......
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2021 on Without us ... at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Chuck, "you don't state that..." .... "The problem is that Giuliani and Powell both said...." .... "And none of that was true." What court has seen ALL the evidence presented by both sides and come to such a conclusion?
Toggle Commented Feb 9, 2021 on Time to leave Murdoch TV at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Looks like folks on Twitter are trying a GameStop blocking action: Chuck, Sounds like the victory is already achieved and no need for a trial, just a summary judgement by the court. Or, as you discovered: "If they have that evidence, it has been kept secret. " That means this has only been adjudicated in the press by one side and not in court at all. Fun times ahead for all.
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2021 on Time to leave Murdoch TV at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Patrick, Your points are well taken. As to the question Scott Adams poses, that's already happening. I believe that's the reason for the suppression of news, de-platforming, and increasingly government by executive order.
TTG, When confronted with facts contrary to your initial claims you proceed with deflection, distraction and purposeful misquotation; proceeding from that act in doubling down on your initial claims. That is standard practice for many, but not one that is expected of commenters here.
There are bills in the Florida legislature which would essentially make it a crime to defend yourself. What's the GOPlite compromise going to be, a $7,500 fine and 5 years in jail? I'm sure the ongoing obedience training is going to keep the 'conservatives' in line. (Rep. Louie Gohmert of Tyler has been fined $5,000 for bypassing metal detectors at the U.S. House, story here: I'm equally certain people like the man who killed Kate Steinle are not going to be affected by any of this. FLA bill and commentary here:
"People from all over the world now understand that Joe has opened the border for them." So they are coming for the bigotry, hatred and systemic racism? What are they going to do for a living, since the unemployment rates is increasing and millions of businesses are still "non-essential" and not allowed to operate? I guess they will serve as poverty centers which will justify government employment of SJWs. Like we see in the deep blue cities of the North. Congratulations for full SJW employement will soon be in order.
TTG, What are you guys on the left afraid of, except proof of fraud - as evidenced by the left suppressing their own voters as a justification to changing to mass ballot mailings, followed by a refusal to allow inspection of physical evidence to validate their own reported results. "Still there was no bulk mailing of ballots." Please see the non Propublica/Georgia Public Broadcasting news here: "Voting by mail: 9 states send ballots automatically, 35 allow COVID-19 as an excuse, 6 require other reason"... "Vermont, Nevada, California, New Jersey, Colorado, Hawaii, Utah, Washington, Oregon" Thanks for the math lesson. BTW, Hilary won the popular vote too, and I'm still reliably informed Russia colluded in that election.
TTG, " insufficient polling places in poorer and minority precincts. All this is done legally. " It must have escaped your notice, even after repeated efforts to inform the many reading and commenting here, that those actions were local, not state or federal; and in the states you mention places controled by Democrats for many years. That was done to create an excuse for mass mailing of ballots and harvesting of same. But then the 'fluke of covid". Right, the shutdowns by Democratic governors and mayors and the media's relentless daily death counts did their work. Allowing the multi-year effort, led by Stacy's NGO backers, to enact legislative changes to facilitake bulk mailing of ballots and harvesting of same. "universal voting." and "higher turnout" Trump had the largest voter turnout ever, he even had coattails down ballot. Unlike the 80 million dollar basement dweller. As to universal voting: non-citizens should not vote in US elections. There are plenty of citizens who are fools out there too who I don't want to encourage either.
Eric, The people who called in 25,000 National Guard in a show of how free and fair the election was are completely worry free as to who is going to shoot whom. Bernie Bro James Hodgkinson has not been erased from the collective concouisnes of the elites, only the press pool. The elites know all this egging on is going to result in the left further suppressing their political opponents, deplatforming them, disemploying them. No one among their ranks thinks, to name some high profile people at random, James Comey, Pat Cipollone, FBI Agent #1, DOJ lawyer #2, the folks cheering the expulsion of republican voting observers in Detroit, the suit-cases under the table people, any Antifa protestor or anyone else is going to get shot up by right wingers. The just know "right wing extremists" like the FBI informant founder of the Proud Boys are going to lead an easily infiltrated and subverted protest or political movement. Like the Tea Party. That's why they are doubling down with civilizational destroying cultural and economic policies. Apparently purging actual patriotic Americans out of the enlisted ranks of the military and employment opportunities in the civilian sector are going to make people fall into line, too. Look at how easy it was to infiltrate Trump's rally, egg on some 'innocents abroad' types, and generally follow the color revolution playbook. They fear nothing; and everything. I do not think Antifa and BLM types will remain loyal to the cause, nor will they remain without pushback for much longer. It'll be a "hot summer in the city", except you can't go out and get a girl and go dancing all night. Cuomo, De Blasio and compatriots took care of that. Don't matter what color you are. "All around, people looking half dead Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head." It won't take much to scratch that into a burning flame. Then we'll have a hot summer in the city indeed.
srw, "Chris Krebs, Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency...." That's the guy running the agency which failed to defend against "The massive SolarWinds hack" Pray tell in detail just what lawfully mandated federal security there was of voting machines in MI,AZ,WI,GA; especially since zero of them were supposed to be internet connected.