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Sunrise in Paris
Born in the Blue Ridge, lived in the Conch Republic. Submariner and sometime adventurer.
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Trump offers the "deplorables" hope; the left offers condemnation of their ancestors` achievements and legalized drugs to ease the pain of erasing their and their children's future.
Toggle Commented 7 hours ago on Another Glass Menagerie at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Amir, Immigrant good, American lazy. Nice script, you might mix it up a bit with some other imigrant success stories, like Obama's dad or the police officer in Minneapolis born in Somalia.
srw, Ah, like TR she's a gun owner and avid hunter? Plus she is a native American! Just ask Harvard.
Toggle Commented 8 hours ago on Another Glass Menagerie at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Babak, Ann Arbor's dynamic duo of legislative brilliance, Jeff Irwin and Yousef Rabhi, are going to cleanse the records of every career criminal who pled down more serious charges to marijuana possession because that wouldn't be a punishable offense now. Lots of other liberal ideas are on the way from the Hash Bash Republic. I'm reliably informed by the senator that no such plea deals happened and that these newly criminal record free citizens won't be committing crimes in the future.
Just what does a career ambassador make? Seems like a highly paid SES position, not counting the housing and perks of foreign assignment.
Linda, We had a presidential election in 2016, I don't recall any for LTCs (vindman) or FSOs (Yovanovich, Kent, Taylor) or bureaucrats.
Mark, The offshoring did not produce price reductions that would need offsetting by "several times" the current prices. The "myth" is that Americans "need" a new version of a durable good just because it is advertised as bigger or better. Individual Americans aren't going to suffer by using last year's tv, washing machine or phone.
Guest, If the meme "China is right about Islam" ever gets traction perhaps the free press would do some investigating and you'll have an opportunity to develop a different perspective.
I taped the Schiff hearings and watched a few bits and pieces. I agree, this seems very much to be about continuing the anti-Russia narrative, defending the foreign aid money (with accompanying commissions and host nation graft) and sinecures for neocons. Did we really spend $billionss on the NED to orchestrate the "orange revolution" that replaced a "pro-Russian" leaning government with a "pro-Western" one? What did the USA gain by that? An obligation to sepnd billions for years to come? Thank goodness career non-bureaucrat Taylor got all those years of employment. Imagine if he and fellow witness Mr. Kent had been obligated to work in the private sector. I believe Trump announced a reduction in NSC staff at the White House. He should reduce that down to about ten people. Then he should reduce the foreign service staff by similar numbers.
Stephanie, "...appeared to have fallen from a balcony." I somehow doubt that. "The NGO’s funders currently include the British and German governments. The Trump administration froze US funding, which made up about one-third of the total, without public explanation in early 2018, but resumed giving financial aid last month amid criticism of its decision to withdraw US troops from north-eastern Syria." I bet that pissed off the neocons to no end. He should stop it again. We can use the money at home.
Values United, not rated.
Whistleblower Aid isn't listed in Charity Navigator, so much for transparency.
Walrus, Lots of them (not all or most politicians), which has been a generations long complaint of African Americans.
Willow, "Congressmen Seek To Lift Propaganda Ban...." My, Congress is now "Obama" and then at the bottom of that linked report from almost a decade ago: "CORRECTION: The amendment under consideration would not apply to the Department of Defense, though the it is attached to a defense authorization bill." Why should anyone waste more than 60 seconds on your badly worded distraction?
Jim, Henniges is an automotive supplier. Senator Grassley's letter from August is four years to late, assuming there is an actual military equipment concern. Consolidation of ownership of the automotive industry supply base or it's disruption by China is a bigger threat. Grassley should have raised those concerns when Clinton was letting communist China into the WTO.
Confused, There has been plenty of abuse of government power and it doesn't all require a bullet in the back or investigators/prosecutors making false claims. I'm on the road but will write something up about that over the weekend.
akaPatience, How do you know the FBI/DOJ and our wonderful allies never did this to a Democratic politician before? Keeping them in office and subject to extortion to get favorable policies in place would be far more effective than removing someone from office. Perhaps we should ask Jeffrey Epstein just what those politicians and businessmen were doing on that island, that manions in NYC or the one in Paris.....
confusedponderer, Thank goodness the German government has never done anything like this.
JohninMK, Which country are you from where people have to prove innocence rather than prosecutors prove guilt? A technicality - do you mean that as a joke since this is obviously criminal misconduct by the FBI/DOJ; or do you really believe they made a mistake that went undiscovered through the entire Mueler probe, congressional testimony and a couple years worth of legal discovery by defense counsel?
Florida is showing the same trend across the I4 corridor.
It certainly didn't help that a third of the delegate positions and 25 percent of the senatorial ones had no Republican running at all.
A long overdue idea. How many Americans do the cartels kill annually with the drugs, not to mention the 9 just murdered in Mexico?
PFC, "The Democrats’... can’t take issue with what Trump is doing as he guts one regulatory regime after another ..." The regulatory regime in California at the state level is still in place and not impacted by Trump's changes to federal regulations. The inability of California to build housing or civil infrastructure is not due to federal regulations but state and local ones. Michigan is trying real hard to follow thier trendsetting ways. " aren’t so happy when their employers change providers every year or two in vain attempts to keep a lid on costs, and the affected employees suddenly find their caregivers are now “out of network.” " Obamacare fixed that! Oh, it didn't? Those doctors and nurses and others are still there, you just get to pay more for thier services.
Norbert, You deflection to Switzerland is just sophistry. As a retired person you had a lifetime to earn money and save for retirement. You also face biological facts not being faced by those 18 and under, who make up 22% of the population but don't account for anything near $10,000 each in medical spending.
It was much better before the flood of victims arrived to tell us how much better were the societies they had to flee.