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Sunrise in Paris
Born in the Blue Ridge, lived in the Conch Republic. Submariner and sometime adventurer.
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Optimax, Apology accepted. "What evidence is there besides Trump's press conference that 300,000 PPes were stolen?" Dont take Trump's word, just read the same comments from Governor Cuomo. "As fear over the new coronavirus in New York spreads faster than the outbreak, people have started to steal masks and other medical equipment from local hospitals, Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters Friday. “Not just people taking a couple or three, I mean just actual thefts of those products,” Cuomo said at a press conference from the state capital in Albany. “I’ve asked the state police to do an investigation, look at places that are selling masks, medical equipment, protective wear, feeding the anxiety.” That was 3 weeks ago; imagine how much was stolen. This is pallets full of material. Having worked in a warehouse operation where the FBI and Dallas police busted a multi-million dollar theft ring stealing autoparts by the pallet I can tell you this is not difficult to pull off. The press, such as Newsweek, didn't quote Kenneth Raske, president of Greater New York Hospital Association, when Cuomo made those comments. The label "fake news" is sticking for a reason and what the press leaves out is just as important, if not more so, than what they put in, like " graduating medical student in Michigan who is about to become resident, told Newsweek seeing Trump's comments made him feel angry." That student needs to grow up, and so do the reporters. There are bad pepole in the world and this kind of crime makes the crisis worse, and the press highlighting emotional reactions to reality don't help.
#1, there was a line of 9 at one of the larger shops here (just outside Tampa) Saturday, appaerntly only so many inside at a time and word on the street is they had a shipment of ammo of one caliber or another. A contact still in Michigan is saying the same thing, mostly first time buyers. Looks like politicians emptying jails and saying they won't arrest or prosecute anyone for misdemeanors is working like a giant alarm clock to the woke up people.
Optimax, Thanks for your kind reply. Don't comment on my writings in the future.
CK, Good questions, I've seen some similar online but have not seen any reports out yet on a correlation. Eric, I don't think the later was as infectous, there certainly wasn't a media storm like we see and that would drive people to ERs early. As to ventilators, what's the non-crisis utilization rate, 65-70%? There isn't going to be a giant reserve of them, or trained techs to run them, especially given what they were selling for. What was the non hosipital price for a mask then, 50 cents? Was there a black-market price? I don't think so. A lot of people wound up dead though and that was on top of the expected flu season deaths.
Optimax, A teenager steeling a bike 40 years ago is identical to steeling 300,000 PPEs in a health emergency. Thanks for the gratutitious VN meme. Ramon, that doesn't mean they cost $400 to manufacture. Upstater, "Like the DoD, healthcare it filled with rot and grift." I certainly agree with that.
Optimax, That's a three day old story and points to a total of 4 deaths in the US. And TA DA, it links the 9% statisitc to a website in Italy with Italian data updates. "Integrated surveillance of COVID-19 in Italy" That's NOT fake news, it is propaganda. Thanks for making us all aware of the fraudulent conduct of Buzzfeed and Ms. Zahra Hirji, the reporter who hasn't posted anything more in 3 days. I guess she's just too darn busy working. Perhaps her degree from Brown and that masters in science writing from MIT get in the way of accuracy. It gets even better as the article she links to states: "... she had multiple health complications prior to contracting the virus. She was tested earlier that week and diagnosed 48 hours later. " Imagine that. Prior complications. Did you see Sunday's press conference? I believe Trump addressed the PPE issue, at least in NYC, by highlighting the volume of usage that the CEO of the manufacturer pointed out. Ever seen anything stolen by a shipping dock clerk or others in the supply chain? I have.
oldman22, I am not Col. Lang. That link to the NYT article pushing a more than decade old corporate buyout as the reason there is a ventilator shortage is Chinese propaganda at best since it isn't even Fake news but irrelevant news. It was also posted here once by someone else. It is wonderful to see some commentary about quite efficient work in china. Good for them. Maybe they can improve the quality of the test kits being returned by Spain and the masks being returned by Holland. I wonder how many Dutch nationals are going to die because of Premier Xi's Quality equipment. Maybe GM should build their ventilators there in theose now closed Chinese factories using that the same quality of labor.
Wil.2718, That article references some project from twelve years ago, i.e. 2008, the financial collapse. The rest is behind the paywall. I'm sure that the former administration appointees will have an excuse for 8 years of inaction. Greed fits the Bernie pro communist agenda.
VV, " NY State vehicles are being pulled over out-of-state." The OK Boomers are not being pulled out of said vehicles and haulled off to jail. In Florida they are being given orders to go self quarantine, which they damn well should have done by staying in NY state. The same outrage from Cuomo and de Blasio is only a few days after tellling everyone (de Blasio) to go out and enjoy themselves downtown. "Sanctioning medical supplies..." Allowing a few million possibly infectous but assyptomatic people to go overseas,, withholding information, sending false information, sending defective medical devices, sanctioning needed medical supplies and engaging in a propaganda campaign against the West, that's what Communist China is doing. Yes it is evil.
Elaine, I certainly agree with the supply/demand principle. Those particular masks are likely slightly different than those used in hospitals and are probably stuff already in the distributor's warehousing system. The normal sales volume ofventilators bought for use in hospitals is pretty low. The cost is driven up by what is pretty apparent to be over regulation and legal liability risk (which drive up the cost into the thousands of dollars). There isn't enough day to day demand for a company like GM/Ford or even mask providers like 3M to get into that business. However this crisis doesn't justify the standard price as fixed costs are amortized over what would normally be 3-4 years worth of production and need to be adjusted at a minimun. Given the market reponse for alternative production of ventilators a lot of attention should be paid to medical equipment industry cost factors - regulation and product liability. The first will be easier to correct (See Abbot labs Covid test developed in a matter of weeks) and the latter will take an act of Congress. (Easier said than done.)
Walrus, I couldn't get much past $500 either.
How does a ventilator cost $35,000? Inquiring minds at SST want to know and your favorite correspondent is gonna tell ya the long and short of it. Short: They don't, that's just what they sell'm for. The long? Well, read... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Optimax, Thanks for the link. "we need to try and stop the number of infected from overwhelming the healthcare system" I agree, but we don't need to destroy the Republic and what's left of our economy while we do that. The 'we've always done it that way' attitude, much on display in our bureaucracies, is counter productive. For examples 'masks'. Aparently these are magical devices that work for doctors and nurses but if you wear one, well, it's not going to help. "Doctors and nurses are dropping like old drunks off of bar stools. " Where? None of my contacts working in hospitals in Michigan report that. I've seen the videos on Facebook but the one I looked into, which a nurse friend of my put on her FB page, was unsubstantiated and only available on a community page whose originator is a personal injury attorney in Dearborn. The hospital referenced has zero information about said report nor was there anything in the local press about it.
yeah, Right, I don't blame Obama, I blame the policies his administration put in place, the reporting of the press, and the individuals who chose not to be responsible for their own conduct. Here's an 18 month old example of what your are saying from CNBC. "CareerBuilder reports that nearly 10 percent of Americans with salaries of $100,000 or more live paycheck to paycheck as well." Where are they and what are they spending money on might be worth an investigative reproter check into, don't you think? "More than 50 percent of respondents say that they save less than $100 per month. And a comparable 2017 survey from GOBankingRates found that 61 percent of Americans don’t have enough money in an emergency fund to cover six months’ worth of expenses." That's referencing a report from 2 years prior to the article. It's like two minutes of research on google. THere's also a helpful "how to stop living paycheck to paycheck" article in Forbes from 2017. This happens every downturn, not just the one that will get blamed on Trump or the ones that happened under Obama. This particular one is due to state and local governments forbidding people to go to work. The financial problems from lack of revenue and cash on hand won't appear until May or June and the trillion plus pork package passed by congress is not likely to help many of the small businesses or poor people and it certanly won't if governments insist on mandatory business closures 'for your own good'. But it will go a good long way to restructing the economy into the communist style centralized control the left has longed for since the 30's.
Yeah, Right, I guess the Obama economic recovery wasn't so great after all. How many of that 40% are retirees and how many have years to work ahead before reaching that age? TTG, You still believe anonymous reports from the NYT? As to LHAs disembark the jarheads and move them to NYC. The symbolism my help stem some panic. There's lots of non-surgical care they can provide.
Well this 'bombshell' reporting is conveniently timed for blunting news coverage of orders from the 1) Governor of Florida ordering quarentine for New Yorker's fleeing the plauged city run by that de Blasio guy who just a month ago said go out and enjoy yourselves; 2) and the Governor of Rhode Island ordering up her state's guard to close to state border to their fellow American's from the City of New York. 3) Then there is the economic de-mobilzation in Michigan, Washington, California and elsewhere which is doing such wonders to the US economy. I believe the President just excoriated GM, which conveniently threw their junior medical partner's CEO under the bus to save "It takes a women" Mary Berra ($22million/year) so some unnamed political party might have a woman not named Hilary available in 6 months or 4 years, election and Coronona 2 October Surprise!(again) don't go their way. Obviously this is just the time for Trump to rally Americans to stay home and watch your life savings get pissed away due to state governments ordering you to not work, run your business or exercise your rights under that piece of paper which expressly forbids the Federal and State governments from doing crap like this (you know, the one that was writen by those dead white guys), get the bill for Big Business bailout2, and oh, go to war on behalf of which 'fff'n country a world away against a nation that isn't an existential threat to anyone right now? I fully believe the NYT; it's not like the were wrong with Russia!, Stormy Daniels, Covington's brave Indian Warrior, Hunter (where is he by the way and aren't you glad Ukraine got that $400,000,000?) Biden, Christine -believe all women unless they acuse governers in VA or VP Biden of sexual assault - Ford, and of course Communist China is going to save us from that virus that really - trust us - didn't originate there. So a report we are going to war against Iran/ISIS/Drugs/The Boogey Man is certainly to be believed. (NYT)"The Pentagon directive and General White’s response — both classified internal military communications ...." Are those classified like those FBI 302s that Surprise! Nobody can find and where are the indictments? (TTG)"News reports that SecDef Esper has approved the new campaign or at least the planning for it." Planning, isn't that what planners do anyway? Send it up to the War College and let's see what LTC VIndman comes up with, just to put icing on the yellow cake. Can somebody at the NYT find the surely they can't be classified CDC response plan, NYC response plan, State of NY, WA, MI, CA pandemic health emergency plans? Asking for some random guy on the internet since nobodyelse on earth wants to know what those career professionals in those governments have been doing for decades. Oh, BTW, is any of that hurricane relief supplies illegally sequested in Puerto Rico in use anywhere or of use now and which prison are those corruprt (guess the party) elected/appointed officials that hid/stole that crap in or did they get let out for humanitarian reasons, becuase like, the virus. TTG, I agree with you whole heartedly on the rat bastards of the Borg. Trump should fire a few of them, I suggest starting with Esper. Why weren't both those hospital ships available, or were they called up weeks ago? And while I'm at it where are the other ships with major surgical wards, (all those LPH's or whatever we designate them now) at and why aren't they of use of easing non-Covid health care load? Take the Marine battalion off and put the medics on. Don't tell me the Warsaw Pact is coming through the Fulda Gap, NoKo is crossing the 38th parallel? A couple hundred flag officers and what's the fleet doing? Beside LGBTQ+++++ training and running into each other, and oh, liberty call in Vietnam with a major infectious disease runing rampant in Asia? Whose running the Pacific Fleet now, even Admiral Kimmel wouldn't do anything that stupid.
I suspect Trump is going to say enough already get back to work on Monday, get hounded by the press and the left one more time for his troubles. It's interesting that the governor of Rhode Island called out the NG to round up New Yorkers, De Santis in Florida is stopping them at the state line and issueing self quarantine orders and the word from LA is they are using mobile phone location tracking to hunt down people who are not complying. Police State Practice. Meanwhile the death toll is 24,000. From the flu we aren't panicing over. "CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 39 million flu illnesses, 400,000 hospitalizations and 24,000 deaths from flu. I wonder what October surprise we'll have this election cycle?
Timothy, The overwhelming majority of the vulnerable already have housing. As to homeless or adicts or other people sleeping in the feces covered streets of San Fran, well I haven't heard CNN and company put out much news about them so either they aren't dying like flies or they are no longer politically relevant to TPTB. Optimax, Pepe Escobar has a writeup on UNZ about the entire stockpile disapearing out the French health care system. Worry not, there are lots of very expense replacements just waiting for a purchase order, and that doesn't even include the ones from China. At least we can all look forward to $1,000 and the bail out bill.
Optimax, A clarification, it wasn't the governor by EO but the state department of licensing and regulation. Buraucrats in action.
Chicot, My state senator is already saying the 'virus' cuased the shutdown not Governor Whitmer's exectutive order. He's term limited and set with a lifetime pension and health care after a couple decades of 'public' service.
Optimax, "Hydroxychloroquine/Azithromycin" Not in Michigan, the Governor issued an executive order threatening licensing of doctors who prescribe it.
Bill, I'm sure orders for fresh perishables are way down, the rest probably just pushed back. There have been some restaurants putting together 'crisis kits' as a way to get multiple days of food for a family in one 'to go' order. Incuding - the TP or napkins. They get those by the pallet full so I'm sure they probably have some on hand. It won't replace table service but it does help both parties out.
J, A fleet carrier has state of the art medical facilities aboard. "The crud" of one kind or another circulates the the crew in the first week or ten days every deployment. A carrier getting aircraft from a shore base might see that more often. The word "makeshift " does not appear in that article. It does reference CNN, who reference unnamed Pentagon officials. Why wad the ship making a port stop in Vietnam two weeks ago is a good question to ask the CNO.
BillWade, There are plenty of other businesses in SW Florida that don't rely on retirees, tourists or out of state snowbirds.The Corportate HQ for Hertz is Estero, just North of Naples as well as US Sugar. There'splenty of other agriculture including the very powerful A Duda & Sons (or whatever they are callled now). And of course don't for get real estate, lawyers and financial firms. The hourly staff in the restraunt business certainly need help, but I can't think of any doctors, lawyers or financial advisors that can't go a month without a paycheck. BTW let me know when AOC and the Squad get the Trump Bux out there 'cause what I saw in their bill was the same crap they put in the GND.
Eric, "The nightmare panic scenarios just aren't happening." Wrongo my friend. The nightmare is the destruction of the US economy at the lower middle and middle class level. That proceeds apace thanks to the Dream Killers of the Democratic Party.