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Sunrise in Paris
Born in the Blue Ridge, lived in the Conch Republic. Submariner and sometime adventurer.
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Lux, Poor professor Foley of Ohio State should actually read the Constitution as it lays out precisely what the Constitutional order in elections is. Professors and Media pundits aren't there. Refuse to concede to theft? Absolutely.
They certainly tried to rigged this? Which others did they rig in the past, like in 2018 which gave them the "Russia Collusion" sweep into control of the House? They'll certainly do this again and ensure control of all branches of government. They'll have two years of executive office control to investigate - and manufacture evidence - to get rid of any upstarts that don't toe the line. Not to mention 10-20 million new DACA citizens and open borders inflow of democrats dependent upon government largess. They'll vote for the people who pay them.
TTG, The market isn't just on the road to Richmond. It's global.
ked, look on the bright side - Hilary is still not president.
Blue, Fake news continues to support the fake president elect they helped to steal an election (so far) for.
Christian, You are now moving the goal posts by saying the system you were referring to was just Dominion's software. That's pretty sad.
smoke, There's nothing conflated. In 2015 Smartmatic Chairman Lord Mark Malloch Brown told a Filipino news station that Smartmatic uses Dominion owned software. That information was posted here previously with the reference to the Gateway Pundit website as the linking source.
Deap, Victims without agency, a familiar refrain. You left out SEIU and the other unions that are your standard complaint.
Deap, Your propagandistic puffery is getting to be as bad as that of the Marxist Spanish girl's. The media coverage campaign was certainly beneficial to Biden, but the democrats in the media weren't the only one's behind the campaign.
Christian J. Chuba, " verified the integrity of the system." It did no such thing, it simply counted both valid and invalid ballots and did nothing to determine whether any ballots were invalidly cast, or if valid ballots had originally been cast and not counted. That's just the starting point. You'll enjoy the lawsuit that's coming.
ked, I've seen the error of my ways. It's not a repository of Trump's votes, but of the Biden family's integrity.
Looks like the Kraken's tenticles are closing in on some election fraud: 4339 Hartley Bridge Rd, Macon, GA 31216 is not an apartment complex. One wonders why all those ballots got sent there. As an anecdote a friend of mine lives in Manatee County, Fl and recieved his absontee ballot there. Someone requested one be to his business address which is in Sarasota County, where he doesn't reside nor is registered to vote. I'm sure he wasn't alone.
Col., I think you have put together a regigment worthy of taking on the lefty propagandists, which is why they now resort to threats of violence.
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Threats at Sic Semper Tyrannis
PCR90, "achieve a 1%>> death rate among the elderly" It must have escaped notice that the elderly are not immortal and the death rate is much higher than 1% the older one is.
PRC90, Multiple states in this federal republic did not have the frauds experience by the leftists in swing states with Democrats running stop, drop in more votes, roll out the results electioneers. How are things in Australia? Looks like cases of auhtoritarianism are up. Keep your cash, use it to free your own people from your own politicians.
That's the storage container for all of Trump's lost votes.
marhias alexander, How are the Uyghurs doing? Just like Julian Assange, eh?
Deap, Tutti-fruiti. However here's some Rocky Road to get your whine up to the right level by explaining the stop, drop in more votes, and roll on with election theft process in D controlled cities:
Fred here, reporting from the Office of the President Elect Fred. Whoah! You say. President Elect Fred? Didn't you hear? It was reported by FOX - Fred's Original X-news. You might think I made that up, just like AP did... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
TTG, Your information is inaccurate. Lord Malloch Brown admitted to a licensing agreement between the two companies in an interview in 2015. You should do some more research, like who sold what to whom and when:
blue, "The PA supreme court gave the ballots a few more days to arrive." They lack the authority as stated in the Constitution to change election law related to federal elections. There are multiple lawsuits in PA. Trump may of may not be a party to one of them. As to Rosenstein, well, the deep state is deeper and darker than many thought.
Scott S. If the paper envelope the paper ballots mailed in with were not verified then those would be added to those filled out on in person. That would include all the ones that were supposed to be segregated by court order. (Alito's order to PA) Neither would the counting address who was given superior rights via extra time by the PA supreme court, while other voters were required to vote by 8pm Nov. 3rd.
Blue, "before they even take the case" You mean prove it before an investigation? If only they had made Mueller do that. " fraud of a scale that would overturn the election results" They only need prove that the results can't be trusted because the process was tainted. Giving in person voters until 8pm Nov 3 but giving others extra time is giving one class "separate but equal rights in voting", which is unconstitutional. One only need read the PA law and the Constitution to prove that. The PA courts can't re-write laws, as much as they would like to. The SC needs to uphold to Constitution, not tear it up. The legal remedy is in the Constitution: Turn selecting the electors in the effected state over to the legislature, as spelled out in the Constitution.
TTG, "To date, they've refused to do so in any court." Which means they can appeal the decision. "There was also a massive Democratic get out the vote effort in Georgia, Michigan and in a few other states led by Stacy Abrams and a few others starting after the 2018 elections." you mean the left has been setting up the steal for years by engaging in legislating extra time for ballot harvesting operations. You left out the getting secretaries of state and other voting officials elected at the local level with millions of dollars of out of state money and long ties to leftist organizations that were not made clear to voters. (Secretary of State Project backed by the Democracy Alliance and George Soros.) See here:
The deep state is circling the battle wagons. Perhaps all this panic press is psyops taking advantage of the realization that Sidney was always operating independently of Trump team, their statement is simply pointing out that fact. Did everyone see the smokescreen put out by Dominion that their machines can not Physically switch votes from one candidate to another. Really, they aren't full of pens and erasers? I bet their software sure can change votes between candidates. These folks are in as much trouble as Von Spee at the Falklands when the Inflexible and the Invincible arrived.