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Sunrise in Paris
Born in the Blue Ridge, lived in the Conch Republic. Submariner and sometime adventurer.
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The gateway is gilded in gold just like your Manhattan Apartment. The symbolism is fitting to your rhetoric. Memorial There's an American flag. And a great view of the city. Remember to plant a flag, or bring some flowers. There... Continue reading
Posted Nov 10, 2018 at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Welcome to the lastest addition of "The World's Greatest Dictator! Americas Edition. Well we all know who is leading at this point, it’s President “Go back to your S…….. Country." What a hairdo. I’m sure next week he’ll tweet us... Continue reading
Posted Jun 24, 2018 at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Good News Democrats! Trump is really just a liberal in the mold of that great NY liberal FDR. Just look at what FDR did in 1941 and 1942: "President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared that the day of the Japanese attack... Continue reading
Posted Jun 20, 2018 at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Looks like the big guy is gett'n ready to help America Given all the nuggets the IG Report is serving up there will be plenty to go around. With all the work he's about to do he'll be worn out... Continue reading
Posted Jun 18, 2018 at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Catherine, "force Kushner out and when he cant then snap up the building when it goes into foreclosure at destressed price." I think that's pretty accurate. The States of NY and Maryland became concerned about those rental violations - affecting just which class of tennant? The concern over which arrived right after Trump got elected. That seems no surprise to me given which political party the AG's in those two states are members of.
TTG, "What do you recommend we do..." Make peace. In the short term that would mean us getting out of Syria and the regime change business elsewhere. Both countires would have to come clean on activities in Ukraine and Crimea by both our governments as well as actions in Syria. Agree formally and in writing that we will remove our armed forces from the borders of the Russian Federation. Have the Russians give further doomsday development to get that. Find a common ground for joint action. How about a joint anti-terror unit to start? We don't need to repeat on the African continent what we did in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. If you look South of the Rio Grande you might notice a bunch of trouble heading our way, and not just one caravan of future DACA2 dreamers.
Babak, Are Keith Ellison and Louis Farrakhan Shia?
Babak, I thought you were living in Michigan, if you were you would be glad to know Islam is becoming the official religion of the democratic party.
Babak, Thanks for the clarification. There are plenty here in the US who want to selectively make portions of our Constitution forbidden.
J, So Kushner's finances don't matter, that is just a prosecutoriral smokescreen being generated on the left. Kushner's IR inexperience doesn't matter. His contact with Russians do not matter. What matters is what the Saudi Crown prince said. You conveniently, again, left out an actual reference to him actually saying anything. Please point me to his public statement, not some horsecrap of an anonymous source.
Peter, SInk a US ship because some agent in Syria killed civilians in an obvious false flag attack? That seems like a damn dumb idea.
J. you have stated that Jared Kushner has committed treason. Let me summarize your piece of J'accuse! i.e. the Treason and give a response. You have made allegations yet the only substantial thing you have provided as evidence is a... Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2018 at Sic Semper Tyrannis
TTG, Yes, nobody takes the Chinese seriously unless they can get another fleet carrier out of it. I don't see any response to J's ramblings on Co-60 torpedoes. The article he linked to is interesting though. So the US wtih our NATO allies, once again get to square off against the Warsaw Pact Russians, in defense of, well, Europe. Perhaps we should, to quote Churchill, "jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war". Of course that would mean talking to Putin. Better not have them do that, Trump and Putin might agree to a Europe free from both Russian and US forces. What ever would we do then.
International community organizing the Chicago way, or the NYC way, is not statecraft. Judging by what the Chinese and Rusians are doing jointly our diplomatic bear gap is even bigger than our military one. What we need is a guy like this:
Amir, The non-profit corporation that enabled the Parade of Democrats in D.C. is called the March for Our Lives Fund and is incorporated as a 501(c)(4). The March for Our Lives permit application was filed by Deena Katz, a co-executive director of the Women's March Los Angeles Foundation. Ms. Katz is a producer in Hollywood. Who is providing PR? 42 West, a PR firm operating out of LA and NYC. How did 4 trauma surviving teenagers manage to coordinate all that organization? Not with help from KBR, Betsy Devos or Eric Prince. Not with help from anybody, actually, as they are just players on the stage. Mid-terms are coming and the left has to keep the base energized. You know who did coordinate it? The usual NYC/Chicago/Hollywood/DNC left.
TTG, He can add on to that by a call for "volunteers" just like Lincoln did. He should start in the inner city and call it a ACC style summer job's program for underprivileged youth. It's a great way to double down on the left.
Babak, You left out "Ultimatum", a board game from the '80s. I remember playing it with my roomate on the messdeck of the sub I was on back when the USSR hadn't been gutted by the Harvard boys. We had a Commander from the Venezualan Navy on board for a couple weeks as an observer. He watched Chris and I play one night after mid-rats for about 30 minutes, until Chris decided nuclear war was winnable. The man shook his head and went back to the ward room. I wonder what he told his people during the debriefing when we pulled into Caracas. It seems too many people in Academia/Think tank world think reality is like that board game.
Charles, "Every bad production on TV in Films or on stage has a MacGuffin" Yeah. You don't need Occam's butterknife to know that every blog attracts its own trolls or "дезинформация" like your comment above. Thanks though, kind of you to take notice.
Charles, You myn be unable to determine Why, but reinforcing the Narrative Russia, Russia, Russia and the use of chemical weapons in Syria seems pretty damned obvious.
Imagine, #34: Nothing to see here with Barack, Bush did it too! #31: Trump kicked out sixty Russians! That sure beats dropping sixty bombs. "Where is the American Intelligence Community in this?" The head of FBI counter-intelligence got fired recently. I suspect the rest are a bit busy cleaning up a mess, like the latest from the Islamic Terror attack trial in Orlando: "Judge rules against Pulse nightclub shooter's widow -The revelation that the Pulse nightclub shooter's father was an FBI informant for 11 years before the attack has little bearing on the trial of the gunman's widow, a judge ruled Monday. U.S. District Judge Paul Byron rejected a defense motion for a mistrial of Noor Salman, who is accused of helping her husband plan his June 2016 mass shooting at the gay nightclub in Orlando, where he killed 49 people."
LeaNder, "My top "security expert" advised me to. I mostly obey. " Let me guess: German Intellegence, or the National Endowment for Democracy? I would like to think you're on the FBI payroll like Omar Mateen's relatives, but that's just the romantic in me. What's the pay, you've been at it too many years for it to be done for free.
LeaNder, So you are spoofing the IP location. Is that legal in Germany?
J, Where have you been. You can trustMark Zuckerberg. Hilary did. The Russians did. So did most of the app makers out there that down loaded the data he collected up.
LeaNder, I wonder what Tom Hayden had to do with the defeat of South Vietnam and the resulting relocation of Senator Nguyen to the USA and how her views might upset the Democrats in California praising Tom Hayden. "Did you notice..." I did notice you are in Kiev. I thought you were German. Which LeaNder are you this time?
mikee, They have countered that threat; just not in the way everyone keeps saying they are going to counter that threat.