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Sunrise in Paris
Born in the Blue Ridge, lived in the Conch Republic. Submariner and sometime adventurer.
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Larry, "But McCabe knew in February 2017 that Danchenko had no genuine intelligence and was simply passing on rumors." Did McCabe know Danchenko was employed by Steele and previously by Brookings for 5 years (a period that also coincided with Fiona Hill working there.)?
Prepare for mirth, for mirth becomes a feast. Now with bacon, because bacon goes great with everything, even an English lesson.
Toggle Commented yesterday on American Made at Sic Semper Tyrannis
SRW, Should we ask for the transcript they already have of the conversation they are inquiring about to ensure verbatim compliance to their questions or just refer them to their tape library?
Yeah, Right, I am grieved that a resident of Austarlia is so hurt by my comments. "decried the authority of governments to govern" Not so. I posit that the governments mandating that some conduct of citizens can be declared "non-essential" to be unconstitutional by both multiple state and the federal constitutions. Public safety was the same rationale used by FDR in incarcerating Japanese Americans in 1942. As to the Chief Justice, I'm sure he's a nice guy. I disagree with his judgement and am in no way dismissive of him, though am of your legal reasonings as non-American pontificating on what the United States should do, though they are, in their own way, quite humourous.
Meanwhile in the Black and Blue revolutationary lands: 25,000 felony cases dismissed by the prosecutor. That bodes well for "justice". In Seatle the left scored a victory by convincing the black police chief to resign and Portland, well what's not on CNN doesn't happen.
Yeah, Right, Congregation: a group of people assembled for religious worship. Casinos are where people crowd together to spend money, drink, eat and socialize. Walrus, you mean people aren't going to die at the rate the fear mongers have been propagandizing for months. "Think logistics!" I don't recall NYC using that hospital ship at anything near capacity, nor LA. Nor do I hear any calls to build new ICU units. On a completely unrelated notes is there any word on how that professor with the Imperial College model is doing, still employed and still screwing his mistress? (Unlike millions around the world, who are now unemployed and getting screwed by government at multiple levels. )
Blue Peacock, "Was SSCI a co-conspirator in the framing of a duly elected President?" Good questions. I would go back a couple decades and see how much money in donations those members got from people who could have corrupted them, such as Jeffery Epstein and those connected to him, and see if they have any other foreign financial entanglements.
Interesting concept. I wonder what the life expectancy of this equipment is? Presumably it could run 24/7. I wonder also what the O2 output would be with a full scale model, if this works as projected.
Yeah, Right, I acknowledge your expertise in quoting Roberts, who ruled on an injuction not a law, which puts this right back to the locals who are saying that yes, gambling in a Casino is safer than attending religous services, because "science". I hear him loud and clear, political science is important, religous services not. He's destroying his and the court's image of impartiality and just conduct rather well. I'm sure the folks being economicly impoverished will be made whole by the "right to govern" government that declares them non-essential, orders the police off the streets when antifa shows up, releases those charged with crimes immediately, empties prisons, and chases the mask-less for violation of the orders of local government executive. This is how your fellow communist sympathizers sow disention. Feel free to lable, or libel, away from down under. Like you I'm not in NYC, Portland, Seattle or Minneapolis. I'm equally not in terror of a viral infecct so dangerous you have to be tested to tell you had it and 99.6% who do survive. The kabuki won't last too much longer.
Mike46, That's denial of an injunction, not a settlement of a case. Once again where in the constitution is that power? But I do like the ... fraught with medical and scientific uncertainties” There's less and less uncertainty every day, especially at any 'protest' beneficial to the political left. Justice Roberts has no compunction for making political decisions as an unelected judge, Obamacare being one and denying Senator Paul the ability to ask who the whistleblower was during impeachment another.
Yeah, Right, The courts? Ask Mike Flynn how that's working out. Or all those mass incarcerated black males currently in prison. TonyL, "During a pandemic, i.e. public health emergency, the goverment do have the legal authority to do all that." Where does that stem from, as restrictions on government control of religion and speach are expressly forbidden in the Constitution? I can't find declarations of "non-essential" status there either, other than the parts about slaves being 3/5ths human and American Indians not counted. Both having been amended long ago.
The leaders and/or senior staff, of the SSCI new all along. Why did the SSCI leadership (Senators Burr, Warner and Feinstein) ask the judge to go easy on SSCI Security Director James Wolfe when he was sentenced for lying to the FBI? Who compromised this trio of senior senate leadership? Feinstein had a Chinese spy on her staff for a decade, apparently oblivious to that the whole time. Of course Russia is all we hear about, then and now.
Yeah, Right, "... "the people" as something more than a crowd of unthinking automatons." More accurately a crowd of easily cowed conformists only now beginning to awake to the systemic duplicty of the elites; Russia collusion, Ukraine Impeachment, and "Mostly Peaceful" protests not having had the complete enlightenment affect upon all the true believers yet. "they happen to agree that this is necessary." That is hardly the case in the US. "The government is simply using authority that it has always possessed" The multiple state governments forbidding religous services, from Easter to today, and regulating how they can - or can not - take place have no such authority under the federal or state constitutions. They equally have no authority to declare people "non-essential".
Col., In an effort at keeping the peanuts flowing and forseeing another generation of hawks take flight I've made a modest donation to the cause.
Mike46, I'm suggesting that regardless of her repeated condemnations of America and her culture she isn't returing to her birthplace. "the wholesale rape of our natural resources" That whole diatribe is rather humorous. Was it "rape lite" when LNG exports expanded under Obama? How dare Curz, Cotton and Johnson suggest we keep doing what Barack was doing!?
Mike46, If I recall correctly from public accounts, when Ilhan Omar first burst onto the public stage her family came her because they were on the losing side in one of the then ongoing power struggles in Somalia. She might be an intellegence risk due to family ties/loyalties, but I doubt she's heading back any time soon.
Upstater, There are a few major differences bewteen Onondaga County and Sarasota County. 1. The median age in Onondaga is 39 vs 56 in Sarasota County. 2. Economy. Because the age profile is different Onondaga has 50,000 more people in the work force, I posit that means 50,000 retirees in Sarasota, which would push the age and risk profile higher. 3. Weather. It doesn't snow down in that part of Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico causes a higher humidity level year around, especially in the summer. That has a noticable affect on resperatory infections. As to your sweatshop, "housed 2 to a bed, 4 to a room. 300 positives. " How many died, what age were they and when? Oh, look, that was three months ago and Oh Canada! It was a Canadian firm using migrant labor, which disputes the "2 to a bed" report. What happened since then, as the paper conveniently provides no update? "DeSantis,... found out the hard way." No, he refused to destroy the economy of Florida for political reasons. See the data from two links (Onondaga/Sarasota counties) and check the state level data on Covid 19 hospitalizations/deaths (state wide data) as of 8/6. NY 89,995 and 25,190 FL 30,114 and 8,051 The data proves Desantis did a much better job than Cuomo. Though the latter certainly wasn't helped by comrade De Blasio.
Walrus, China's been screwing us for decades and it is about time we returned to defending our own country's interests not just the profits of the outsourcing experts. As to IP please let us all know which IP was stolen from China by the US and who did our government give it too? Vietnam is defending their own islands? Good for them. We don't need to defend them at all.
Larry, Here's another chart that might be useful, it compares 1918 flu deaths vs. Covid. Bubonic plague is not, and it is causing the old age deaths of the front end of the baby boomers (and other elderly). Many of the BB generation are fat and frail, we'll see similar higher death rates for the next decade because they are all approaching old age. A quick look at the Social Security life expectancy chart would help show that. Not much has changed in the distribution since this was put together at the end of June.
There you go with facts again Larry. The response to the virus is a giant CovidConJob that was sold as the bubonic plague. This has allowed China to disrupt the entire world's economy, crush Hong Kong and get their operatives to unleash anti-western agitprop as part of their tarrif response, all with plausibly deniability and "you're racisist" cover. At home we have the left destroying inner city self reliance via business lock-downs that are bankrupting small businesses; and now internal border checkpoints (remember how outraged the Democrats were when Rhode Island and Florida asked for voluntary isolation because we all believed the death projections of the now memory-holed expert models?). The greater the visibility to the reality that there is low risk for hospitalization or death for a majority of citizens the more draconian the left becomes. Manadatory masking to get people used to their slave-in-training mask is expanding as a tactic in subjugation to authoritarianism. Big tech is silencing all mention of HCQ and its apparent effectiveness in other nations when given early and in conjction with other drugs. It's all vaccines - with complete immunity to the manufacturers for any and all potential complications - all the way, damn the cost! We even have unionized teachers extorting school districts for pay for no work and demands their competitors - private and charter schools - be forbidden to operate, all based on "science" that can't be questioned.
Patrick, Interesting that the ROC accounts for 10% of the cigarette imports into Russia. The other scandals brought back memories of Banco Ambrosiano from early 80s. NATO: Perhaps we should invite Russia to join, that way they'll be pledging "to safeguard the freedom, common heritage and civilisation of their peoples, founded on the principles of democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law." and that bit in article 4 about territorial integrity.
Patrick, Yes, and in a hundred years there'll be enough fertiziler to make it worth going there.
Patrick, How many of those were artificially created by dumping concrete on top of a submerged corral reef?
Yeah, Right, Making fake islands is the only thing allowing China claim to sovereignty. Many of the actual islets are territory of either Indonesia or the Phillipines.
We're watching civil war unfold in the US and these pompous asses are busy trying to sponge up Syrian oil, the trivial amount of stuff that is land-locked hundreds of miles from any territory we control or is friendly to the US? God help us who is advising the tweeter in chief? Can't Trump read an oil price chart any better than Fauci can read a Covid infection rate? Did his son-in-law tell him what a great idea that would be? Are the warrior generals who wouldn't defend this nation's capital against antifa, with the tacit consent at sedition by Esper, in agreement with this line of strategic wisdom too? Maybe Senator Graham, who just yesterday finally cornered Sally Yates into admitting under oath that the FISA warrant on Carter Page was a fraud, is covering his bases in case the left's "resistance" to the November election results in antifa marching into D.C. to bring Biden's secret choice as V.P. into power? We have less reason to be in Syria than we do to still be defending Germany and the rest of Europe from the USSR.