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Covid-gate is the new Russia-gate. Biden MUST win Texas (if you believe the polls he's ahead) and the RNC convention MUST be cancelled in Florida. That is why they are madly cooking the Covid books. They don't care how many die, just as they didn't care how many would die in a nuclear war with Russia over their utter bullshit. They are playing for keeps. Soros just announced a quarter of a billion contribution to BLM. You think he's done it from the goodness of his heart? We are in the middle of a color revolution and ninety percent of Americans are too brainwashed to know it.
We had her on the program Friday:
I remember during my brief 1992 stint at INR watching the old Soviet hands turned into what they called "hall walkers." Just spending the day wandering down the corridors at Main State with nothing to do nowhere to go. Like ghosts. Little did we know that they (or their progeny) would so soon be back on top! Yippee!
We'll be happy to see you for next summer's event. Your readers will be welcome as well.
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Sep 14, 2019
Classic tactics from Lenin to Gene Sharp's "color revolts" -- they are trying to provoke a reaction from Trump supporters to 1) establish as "fact" their claims about the racist and violent nature of his campaign and supporters (press will ignore the action and focus on the reaction); and 2) most importantly justify escalation. Escalation is critical and the protesters have every advantage at this point. I don't think this kind of street violence is meant to intimidate Trump supporters as much as it is to provoke his supporters to violence. This is not political protest, it is commie agitation techniques as outlined here:
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Jun 3, 2016