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John H
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Some authors have more than two given names, and some citation systems given all initials, but I cannot find any example of APA giving more than two initials. Additionally, the Google Scholar citation generator cuts off all initials after the second. I cannot find any confirmation anywhere in the concise rules or the blog as to whether this is an APA rule or not.
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To what extent does APA allow one to use page numbers without dates? Can I say: "Smith (2010) argues that "quoted material" (p.21). She also says that (paraphrase) (p.27). This is very relevant to the present research. It also ties in to her point that ... (p.35)." Then two pages later refer to her again with(Smith, p.37)? My students seem to want to avoid using the date again once they have provided it and I'm not sure this is OK.
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Jun 9, 2016