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Savage Sam was the son of Old Yeller and while the book is sort of racist, it's still a good book. The movie brought back the characters in Old Yeller and followed the book pretty closely. The only thing I can say is to look at the time it was written and then sit back and enjoy if for what it is.
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I can beat that one. Jack in the Box has a black garbage can with a top on it between their two signs at the drive-thru. Every time I drive through there, I end up stopping and giving my order to the garbage can instead of driving forward and speaking into the microphone at the second sign.
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I was gonna say, I have that raccoon and it's not made by that outfit. LOL
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It's a good thing this woman didn't see the kitten I rescued. He was a bobtail and there was something wrong with his spine, so he couldn't move his back legs separately. So he literally hopped. He could move pretty darn fast, believe it or not. Unfortunately, his condition caused a problem that was both painful and unable to be helped, so I had to have him put to sleep at about 6 months.
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Jun 10, 2016