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Dan Osho-San
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My Family was Jewish on my Mothers side (all dead now) My Mums still alive but is not a practicing Jew and has nothing to do with it! They changed their name from Braun to Brown when they fled to England. I can always remember being a child about how we were always told how we were "Special" and when I brought my friend round to take a safe to a locksmiths with my Parents My Grandma said "Get that GOY out of this house NOW!!" at the time I thought she said "BOY" and could never understand it.. When I was about 16 when only my Grandma was alive (This is in Blackpool Lancashire UK) she told me all about the Goy and how they were here to "Serve us chosen ones" I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Now I wasn't a what you'd call a "Straight A's" kid I'd get in trouble and shouted at Pakis when we saw them (which was very rarely where I lived) but still this "Goy" and "Chosen ones" came as a big suprise to me and you would have thought a kid like me would have loved it but actually I HATED IT! I couldn't believe how arrogant she was and tight fisted! She made us clean the whole house and all the garden me and my Brother and gave us 5p EACH!for hours hard work. That was in like 1989, when she died she was always saying she was broke yet when my parents cleaned the house out they found £60,000 in cash and another £35,000 in old cash that was totally useless! I'm not saying all Jews are like this but they do seem to be money orientated and use their positions in the media to make money for their own people and even start wars in the Middle East and get the west to fight these for them! Although after saying all this their is one good thing about Jews!! Their not Muslims LOL!!! The UK is getting swamped by them! PLEASE I GET ALL JEWS OUT THEIR IN THE MEDIA AND POSITIONS OF POWER HELP US GET RID OF ALL THESE MUSLIMS!! ONCE THEY DEFEAT US THEY WILL COME FOR YOU...
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Jun 11, 2016