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Gabriel Kurczewski
Interests: history of wine, Tokaji wines, wine in Poland
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I am happy that plaques commemorating Zimmermann family will be placed on the house in Mád. There is beautifull renovatd synagouge in this village. Now, they also renovate old Jewish school. I hear also that every year more and more chasid pilgrims come to Bodrogkeresztúr, another village in Tokaj region, to celebrate memory of their famous cadik Steiner. So, step by step awarness of Jewish presence and heritage in the region is growing. That's very important but not easy process. I think sarcasm is not needed here. You write "It doesn’t take a skilled historian to examine labels from a 1924 Tokaji and see the name Zimmermann on it." If you really examine old labels of Zimmermann wines you will see Abaújszántó village name on them, not of Mád. On some labels and also on business paper there are drawings of their vineyards - none of them was located in village of Mád, building of winery sketched there is also different from nowadays Royal Tokaji headquarters. So, if labels count, as you suggest, they support view that Oster family story could be new and surprising for Royal Tokaji management.
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2016 on The Jewish Winemakers of Mád at The Feiring Line
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Jun 14, 2016