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steve h
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What country is affected by the so-called Brexit? Do you think that laws should be passed requiring foods with DNA in them to be labeled as such? Who is older, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Does the devil play a significant role in the outcome of presidential elections? Are the people who actually carry out terrorist acts more influenced by troubles in their personal lives, or by religious, ideological reasons? Is it ever appropriate to call white Christian Americans "terrorists" if they perform the same acts that muslims do that are called terrorist? What has killed more Americans in the past [__] years - terrorist acts, car accidents, or guns ? Is it a good investment to use tax money to pay the cost of childrens public education? What about for the cost of tuition for students at public colleges? Would you ever vote for a woman for president? Latino? Jew? Muslim? Is Donald Trump a billionaire? If he is a billionaire, does that make you more or less inclined to vote for him? If he is not ....
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Jun 27, 2016