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Any and every candidate will kowtow to special interest, and the Donald just happens to be his own special interest. How about a similar piece on that other major candidate? There is plenty out there to help you realize that the devil you know (who may flip flop, but has been doing the work for 40 years) is better than the ('four Pinocchio' lying. climate denying) devil you don't.
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Well said. I've had this conversation (using visual aids) with my local senator's staff (Marco Rubio R-FL) and they are in total denial. You mention the space program which is interesting, because NASA has a climate site which is a powerful reference, and for space program lovers a truly trusted source, for climate science related analysis - Their Evidence page ( makes an undeniable argument that there are historical cycles of varying CO2 levels and of glacial advance and retreat. But more importantly, today's CO2 level (400PPM) has exceeded the max threshold seen in the prior 400,000 years (300ppm) by 100PPM. That is huge. The science of increased CO2 levels (greenhouse warming effect, raising the temperature of the oceans when absorbed, etc...) has been settled science for a century. Since the industrial revolution we have been party to historic increases in CO2 with no retreat in sight. It’s just wishful (some would say delusional) thinking that the things humans build and burn has not been responsible for an extremely large portion of that increase. Thanks for taking a stand. Keep up the good work.
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Jul 3, 2016