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for 'exoaded' read 'invented'
Two points. 1) It's a bit unfair to say that "Traditionally, Turkish coups are produced by Kemalist secularists." Before 2002 that was the only ideology around. The coups in my view were caused by the failure of civilian institutions. The ideology of justified intevention was retrospectively exoaded for protection, The Gulenist/Islamist (and Ernest Gellner's) which just shows the military intervening to fight Islamism doesn't really fit the facts of the 1960 or 1971 coups. 2) Is a coup by Gulenists really so surprising? "a violent military coup lies outside the modus operandi of the Gulen movement." Yes but as a Sunni movement they are certainly not pacificists. Their rhetoric against Erdogan in Turkish (as manifest in their Internet voice Fuat Avni)) is bellicose and full of implicit violence There have been reports of Gulenist infiltration of the armed forces since 1986. Their 'moderation' and pro-Western attitude seems to be tactics rather than principle.
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Jul 23, 2016