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springfield, n.j.
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Re: "...benefit of the doubt"... Your comment is a home run. And the corollary, "never doing it", is at the core of institutionalized sin, eg, racism, and other "isms" that lead us to consistently treat others badly Thanks, as always.
Your Commenters, inc. Chicagoans/Cub Fans, have said it all. Your blogs deserve and would reward a much larger audience. Thanks; I am lucky to be one of your readers.
Very "helpful" observations.... & extremely well-said, as usual. Thank You and be well.
Good reality-testing on your part. Also helps us avoid sins that come from excess Pride.
It is all good... especially the 1st paragraph, where your writing excels at "drawing us into your space". As you are grateful to God for your gifts. so are most of your parishioners for you. And we should all be grateful to the "Power Co." men & women, who are/will be working hard to restore it to us.
Welcome back. Thanks for the hard work & wisdom that goes into your blog.
"Do not be afraid". Luminaries, like St. Pope JPII & FDR, channeled this guidance centuries later.
Amen. Gratitude gets us off to a good start.
Re: Your stressors and acknowledged failure to practice decent self-care At the risk of offering advice(so often felt as disrespectful by the recipient, even if they asked for it), you should considering lightening your load. My impression is that you are a high achiever, with a right to be feel good about that. But reality is often like an iceberg; do not fight it head-on. Make adjustments that equal taking better care of yourself. Your loved ones and fans want you to be well... and selfishly we do not want to lose you prematurely. Respectfully submitted.
Great value in your posts, for which I and others are very grateful. Pace yourself, if possible, in this arguably busiest(for clergy)of weeks in Church year.
Thank you always for your helpful commentary. Keep it coming.
Thanks for the helpful comments, which we cannot hear too much.
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