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Favorability of normalizing ties with Cuba Do you believe Donald Trump is sexist? Should Donald Trump drop out?
Certainly would be a good idea to ask questions related to how the debate changed their opinions on the candidates (if at all) / changed votes / whether they think the debate helped/hurt each candidate. Which candidate has the better temperament? If the candidates for president were Tim Kaine, the Democrat, and Mike Pence, the Republican, for whom would you vote? Do you think Trump pays any Federal income tax? Opinion on NAFTA Opinion on Hillary's trade positions (Do you think she support(s/ed) TPP? etc) Do you believe trade deals under Hillary would make the American economy better or worse? Do you believe trade deal under Trump would make the American economy better or worse?
Bill Nelson approval ratings Would be a good state to ask about support/oppose Puerto Rico statehood and increasing ties with Cuba, given demographics. Florida just underwent significant legislative redistricting changes, so maybe questions about gerrymandering, e.g. "Do you believe Florida's state/national legislative boundaries have been gerrymandered to support representation by one party" or "Do you believe a state redistricting commission should have influence from the state legislator/members of [a] political part[y/ies]?" But maybe less verbose than all of that. Support/oppose building a wall along the Florida Coast to keep Cubans out. Poll on president with candidates Clinton, Trump, and "Florida Man" Another presidential poll, this time between Clinton, Trump, and a Hurricane detaching the state from the rest of the country and pushing it across the globe and into the Indian Ocean. Senate: Republican Marco Rubio, Democrat Patrick Murphy, and Constitution Party candidate Charlie Crist.
Should the US give Puerto Rico full statehood? If Pokemon were found in Puerto Rico, would you be more or less likely to support Puerto Rico statehood? Should the US give DC full statehood? Should the US support other member NATO states that don't "fulfill their obligations to us"? If the choice for president were between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Queen Elizabeth II, for whom would you vote? Should the US build a wall along the Canadian border? Which energy resource do you believe the US should focus its attention on producing? Questions about Trump flip-flopping on positions might be interesting. e.g. "If Donald Trump changed his position from banning Muslims from immigrating to the US to allowing them to immigrate under the same conditions as other immigrants, would you be more or less likely to support him?" (But perhaps less verbose than that)
Include Evan McMullin as an independent candidate in a Clinton/Trump and/or Clinton/Trump/Johnson/Stein matchup. If you can do CD-specific polling, a poll on the Mia Love/Doug Owens race would be interesting, as well as their respective popularities. Finally, since Mormons don't drink it, the approval rating of Coffee would be a fun suggestion.
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2016 on Utah Question Suggestions at Public Policy Polling
Not particularly North Carolina-specific, and perhaps more applicable to Texas, but: If the candidates for president were Democrat Hillary Clinton, Republican Donald Trump, or seceding from the union, for whom/what would you vote?
Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Michael Scott? If the presidential election were held today, would you vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton, Republican Donald Trump, or Independent Michael Scott?
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Jul 31, 2016