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No, ISIS will not conquer us. They are doing damage now but they will not win. They've been losing territory. We don't need the Donald for that. Hordes of illegals are not about to pour in. The population of illegals has remained about constant since 2007 or so. Progress in this area has been deliberately stymied by the right since fanning the flames of passion on the issue helps them get more votes and power. And no race war will happen, despite the many people attempting to change the meaning of Black Lives Matter and trying to stir up emotions on the matter. I'll agree that we are losing our country and our culture. And, it is due to changes brought about by our technology. I have seen so much change in my life of 60+ years. I grew up without the internet, without a smart phone and so many other things the younger folks take for granted. And we haven't seen nothin' yet. As smart phones get smarter, as technology gets inserted into our bodies, as the blockchain and altcurrency that easily crosses international boundaries and eliminates many present functions of banks and transforms our money, the pace of change will continue to increase. We cannot go back home again.
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2016 on Convention Wrap Up at After the Future
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Aug 1, 2016