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Excellent article. I join pschaeffer in recommending Sibel Edmond's reporting about the current Turkey events. She predicted the current coup attempt in Nov/Dec 2015. Edmonds explains why highly-placed lawmakers and officials in the USA and elsewhere will protect Gulen (and D. Hastert). The web of corruption, blackmail, pedophilia, extortion, drug-running, espionage and other criminal activities is so widespread (and widely known by FBI, CIA, DoJ, foreign agencies, and criminal networks), and would bring down so many high-profile people including members of Congress and Executive branch from both parties, that no one in government wants to have these things exposed in trial. So it is that people committing horrendous crimes are protected, or at most get a plea bargain. (For example, former Speaker of the House Hastert was prosecuted only for relatively minor financial wrongdoing. Not a single person mentioned the pedophilia or espionage though these activities were well known by all the US law and intelligence agencies who had monitored him for years.) Media won't touch it; they can't afford to alienate powerful people. When one sees the unsavory underbelly--and it is beyond disgusting--then the ambivalent CIA/Gulen relationship makes more sense. No wonder even the worst criminals are not afraid of being prosecuted. They know powerful people will go to any length to prevent this information from coming into the open in a trial. Gulen made it his business to know lots of secrets about lots of people. It gives him a strong hand when it comes to influencing USA policies and activities at the highest levels, including protecting him from prosecution or extradition. Edmonds thinks the USA will probably run out the clock by allowing Gulen indefinite appeals until he eventually dies. She also thinks the Turkey coup attempt is not over, and that the Incirlik nukes are already being featured prominently in the media to provide justification for NATO coming in and bringing in regime change. In her view, the Turkish people will be the determining factor.
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Aug 1, 2016