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Why is the stance of opposition MP's being ignored? The CHP, MHP, and HDP are pretty clear that this was a Gulenist operation. They agree on not much else and have said a lot of harsh things from different angles about Erdogan. Maybe the nuance anti-Erdogan Westerners should pick up on is that the Gulenists were enabled by Erdogan's 2007-2011 drive to push 'religious'cadres into the state and military. Erdogan's opposition are honourably recognizing that though Erdogan has been attacked by a monster he created, they certainly cannot gloat and must help him remove the cadres he planted in the first place. Yes, foreigners can't be expected to be Turkey experts, and there is a democratic 'cache' in questioning Erdogan, but please a little research will help. Gulen did not come along out of Erdogan's imagination. PRE-ERDOGAN-AKP Turkish authorities and journalists warned for many DECADES before July 15 about Gulenists' multi-pronged strategy: the school network, cheating on university and civil service entrance exams, the loyalty to the leader, the money, the coordinated (though almost farcically zigzagging) editorial positions of their media fronts, and the payments to politicians in the West. Whether Erdogan is the right person to cure this problem is an open question (he enabled the infiltration!), but I can't see how any Turkish citizen could sleep comfortably how far these cadres had occupied the state apparatus. Even worse is the shoulder shrugging from our Western 'allies'.
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Aug 8, 2016