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I primarily used view cameras until I made the switch to digital. The only film cameras that I still have are my Zone VI 4x5, Burke and James 8x10 with 5x7 and 4x5 backs, and my favorite - the Folmer and Schwing 7x17 inch Banquet Camera. At one point, I also had a F&S 12x20, but it was just too big to deal with. I used to really enjoy using them, but using digital cameras is just so much less hassle, that I only use the big cameras occasionally. When I do, I scan the negatives instead of printing them in the darkroom. Now, I use mostly my Olympus m43 or Sony FF cameras. I notice that many people tend to look through viewfinders on small cameras like using a rifle sight, with crosshairs on the subject, often missing everything around it. When you use a view camera, especially a big one, you learn to look over the entire frame, especially the edges, for problems. Also, you learn to see the non subject parts of the frame as equally important. Since each exposure is expensive, you also become a lot more selective before you press the shutter each time. For me, that way of working is a good thing, although I also like digital photography because it's free to take chances and experiment. But I don't miss lugging around all the film holders and the big tripod! Once I was hiking at Stowe, VT with my stuff on my back, and the weight of it all nearly took me over a cliff, backwards. Rick
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Aug 9, 2016