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Thank you! Much appreciated.
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Hi Chelsea, thanks for this post. I am working on a book that quotes one well-known line from Shakespeare (think "Wherefore art thou Romeo?") as a throwaway example of a linguistic phenomenon. In this context, can I treat Shakespeare as "classical" in the sense that only an in-text citation to play, act + scene is required? Or do I need to include a specific edition in the References list?
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Hello, and thanks for this very informative blog! I am working on a book that references another book published in two editions, 1st in 1960 and 2nd in 1980. The book directly quotes only the 2nd edition, but includes one sentence in the intro along the lines of "This idea was first introduced by Kim (xxxx)"... and the 1st edition was indeed where Kim introduced the idea. Should I give the year for the 1st edition in that sentence, the year for the 2nd edition in all others, include both editions separately in the reference list, and leave the reader to figure it out? Or should the connection between the two be made explicit in the text? "... first introduced by Kim (1960/1980)" or similar?
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Aug 17, 2016