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Jae Kim
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Question 1: "Si dolce" seems to maintain its popularity for a variety of reasons. When it comes to the structure of the music, the piece seems to be written in a way that gives much leeway to the musician seeking to perform it. The use of tablature allows for versatility in style/interpretation and makes the piece easy to read, learn, and perform. In terms of the audiences' perspective, whether it be centuries ago or today, "Si dolce" has a theme that strikes a chord with a good majority of the world which is: love and longing. This is a common theme that has existed in music for thousands of years, and when people can relate to something, of course they will listen. Musicians want to be able to express themselves through organized sound, and their audiences want to listen to something that they can relate to, that represents them. This connection is what makes "Si dolce" so popular, even to this day.
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Aug 25, 2016