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Evolve by learning how to create your own items instead of trying to make profit off someone else's work. The resale market is out of control with people marking up commons way above machine prices to capitalize on the gacha creator's effort combined with the desire of people to get what they want without playing the machine. I am a collector first and reseller second - I don't sell commons for more than pull price and I don't support those who resell commons for more. I support the creators by playing the machine and frequently see people playing machines for things they don't even want because they think there is a high resale market for them. Gacha is optional and plenty of good creators who make gachas also make plenty of mainstore releases. The things are not mutually exclusive in most cases.
Just Say'n: Considering how much difficulty I was having with things, I would think that maybe others were having similar issues and not necessarily being assholes but YMMV. Some people responded to me when I said a few things in the public chat, but not very many. After reading the help files, I also learned that anyone using a VR headset cannot even read or reply to text chat. Jeannie Oh: The cost of the Sansar currency is not really useful info without knowing how much desired items will cost. The current offerings on the Sansar market seem fairly inexpensive, like maybe 5000 in Sansar currency might buy quite a bit, but I guess we will see more in the future. As far as my first Sansar experience, I was disappointed with the lack of basic camera controls like pan and zoom, and other basic user functionality like run, fly, jump and other methods to make it easier to move around. I was also surprised that the only way to interact with things was to walk up to them - no sitting or clicking. I am hoping those things will be added soon, otherwise the ability to enjoy the experiences on a desktop computer is too limiting.
I will pay the extra 20 cents per transaction to buy my Lindens to buy the plethora of content available in Second Life. I don't think it's too much to ask, and like Chic mentions above, a little pre-planning on my part would avoid the majority of fees I pay anyway. As far as cashing out... I don't do it and I don't know a lot of people who do on any significant scale. Most people who are gonna be outraged by this are really not even affected by it. BTW.. I have been to InWorldz and cheap land doesn't mean anything to me when there are very few people there to interact with and little content to work with.
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Aug 28, 2016