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Paul Kelley Vieth
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I noticed when reading Principles of Scientific Management a surprising degree of consideration for the physical and financial well-being of the laborer. What? This contradicted everything I believed about Taylor -- he had practically assumed the role of industrial Hitler in my mind. How does the myth come to deviate... Continue reading
"The sea-shore is a sort of neutral ground, a most advantageous point from which to contemplate this world . . . The waves forever rolling to the land are too far-travelled and untameable to be familiar. Creeping along the endless beach amid the sun-squall and the foam, it occurs to... Continue reading
"My thesis is that molecular biologists used “information” as a metaphor for biological specificity. However, “information” is a metaphor of a metaphor and thus a signifier without a referent, a catachresis. As such, it became a rich repository for the scientific imaginaries of the genetic code as an information system... Continue reading
"But Steinbeck’s ecological convictions are not, it must be stressed, the result of a post-Grapes conversion. The novel’s thoroughgoing ecological perspective may be traced to long-held convictions. During the composition of To a God Unknown in 1930, he wrote in his journal: 'Each figure is a population and the stones... Continue reading
As I'm reading Katy Price, I'm thinking of a book I loved to read, Alan Lightman's Einstein's Dreams. It's a novel, let's be clear. It takes the reader on a tour through relativistic conceptions of time flows. By the first vignette, you're pulling the fabric of space time over your... Continue reading
He says: "We create the predicates also. May of the predicates of things express only the relations of the things to us in our feelings," among other things in his lecture "Pragmatism and Humanism." I'm hearing: "So there is the stuff of reality (objects/nouns?), and the relationships between that stuff... Continue reading
“With the aid of the reflecting shield of literary theory, scientists may free themselves from these bonds, first, by realizing that they tell stories and, second, by recognizing that they may put them to good purpose. Stories may be strong of jaw, but like Huxley’s dragon, they can be serviceable... Continue reading
“Thus it was that nature philosophy had led Oersted to a discovery which immortalized his name in the history of science. It should be insisted upon that it was nature philosophy that was responsible for the discovery, since the orthodox physicists of the day simply did not believe in the... Continue reading
09/07/2016 I’m still intrigued by the use of exclusive male physical-anthropological samples for the examination of racial characteristics and by the exclusive European examples for the examination of gender characteristics. I understand this question, which Schiebinger points us to explicitly, as a matter of hierarchies of being. With males being... Continue reading
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Sep 2, 2016