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Dearest Betsy, I ordered the Micas & wanted to (again) see how you used them. (Glue pad!). I just saw your msg. I was touched and humbled that you'd take the time in your busy life, to write back. You know the best part of your blog? We are wonderfully surprised that you are always stretching your outstanding talent & in turn, you give back to those of us who love this form of creativity. Like stepping into a BEAUTIFUL and colorful surprise party! :) I think I speak for MANY when I say, thank you a bazillion times. Hugs & blessings. Sincerely, Stef.
Hi Laurie! You really showed off the beauty of adorning the corners on a card. It reminds me of a colorful- wild strawberry vine. Very pretty designs. :)
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Hi Dawn! Gosh girl, I think your designs are more beautiful with every post. What a pretty card! :)
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Hi Betsy! I meant to stop by beforehand but my son has been here on vacation, so it's been a busy and wonderful week. This is actually release night and I wanted to thank you for all of the BEAUTIFUL designs. I'm happy I was able to order all of your fantastic salt air products because I just can't wait to work with them. Thanks again Betsy! (I LOVE your post too, especially the gold designs). :)
Hi Dawn! You sound like me with your total happiness over the new salt air designs. I'm in love! Living on the Florida coast with my love of the ocean, I can't wait to work with Betsy's new flora and fauna. Hopefully there will be enough to go around becuz I think this release will be a blowout. Oh, & I took your helpful advice and made a large rose garden to make layered cards. I don't know which I love more, Gran's Garden or Farmer's. So I made both! Thx for bringing your beautiful inspiration to PTI!
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Gosh Betsy, the technique you used in your adorable bunny birthday is fantastic!! I'm definitely going to give this a try. And I want to add, the smooth blending you achieved with your Zigs is amazing. I've never thought to try that. THANK YOU Betsy, You always inspire. A lot!! :)
Hi Betsy! And how are you today, as well? My day couldn't have gotten off to a better start with your gorgeous cards. And my favorite ( almost impossible to choose) is your lovely coral. Your play on words definitely made me smile!! :)
I LOVE your card!! Pretty colors and design! :)
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Snorkeling in the Keys with my family is one of my favorite memories. I am ordering the Mica powders because your jellyfish design is magical. Your stamp designs are brilliant. I just can't find the words to describe how much I think of your newest products. But I tried. :) I know you are thanked all the time, but I want to thank you again. We're so blessed to have such a talented artist in the cardmaking world.
Living on the Florida coast, I'm in love with the water. And Betsy, your new products took my breath away- they are that beautiful. A million thanks for your STUNNING designs, that you've shared with us. I TRULY hope I can order these before they sell out. (Sorry that didn't sound very humble, but I'm so VERY excited about working with them). God bless you. :)
Hi Laurie! Whenever I'm trying to learn something, especially from someone who's experienced in that subject, I look for a simple, to the point explanation. So often, people take their knowledge for granted-only because it's second nature to them. When making my cards, I rarely thought about creating in odds, and now I will. This is one of the best posts I've ever read. My sincerest thanks for an easy to understand and visualize explanation. :)
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Hi Dawn. Our beautiful color girl @ PTI! You make the most beautiful arrangements of color designs. I do shy away from layering because I don't know where to begin. A few designers have said they love to sit and die cut first before they start a project. I am most definitely going to try layering now and thanks to you, I'll know how to begin. I can't thank you enough!!! Your cards are stunning and I hope you have a blessed weekend. :)
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Hi Lexi! It's like you made your own transformation Thursday. :) Your fresh take is sooo inspiring! Your colors and layouts gives the flowers, a whole new look. May I ask you a question please? What kind of paper is Yupo? And how is it used in cardmaking? I would be very grateful for the guidance. Beautiful post Lexi, thx so much. :)
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Hi Betsy! Your cards are stunning. I'm so used to working on white cardstock that I almost forget to try the darker colors. Your balloon card looks luminescent, like looking through fluorescent lights at night. Beautiful! May I ask, along with others, that you make a YouTube video on your process. Betsy, you continue to stretch our craft and bring new inspiration, thx so much!
Hi Lexi! I LOVE your bluebonnets and all the special details you added in your design. I've never lived in Texas but remember when we lived in North Carolina how the wildflowers sprang up and came to life on the roads and highways. It was an amazing site and one I never forgot. Have a blast at Mardi Gras, sounds like so much fun!! :)
Hi Betsy! I LOVE your bouquet AND your jar! The special touch of writing "Ball" is a wonderful. Plus I love your flower design. So today's comment is a message of love. :) Thank you for the joy and inspiration you give us all.
Hey Betsy, I wanted to correct my earlier comment, so it would be correct. #1 favorite- Confetti and 2) inner frame to Berry Boughs. You used it in today's post. I had trouble with the detailed insert to Snowflakes and the outer frame of Berry Boughs, even with the metal shim. But I'm seriously considering the Gemini. Thx again!!!!
Hi Betsy! I'm the happy owner of 7 Mix & Match frames(so far) and sad to see the series come to an end. It's not only a constant go-to in my cardmaking but has also been a great help. It helps to frame my focal point by decreasing the canvas size, if that makes sense. I LOVE that they are interchangeable. My favorite so far, is the Confetti. Coming in second is the middle section to Snow (plz forgive me, I forget the name), but was released for Christmas. I did have an issue with the detailed insert to Scallops and outer die of Snow, even with the metal shim. I have a plan in the near future for my more detailed dies. But this has been a truly wonderful series, and I want to really thank you. Very Much!! Have a great day!!
Hi Laurie! Plz take care of you & your family. The flu strains this season are more vicious than normal. Some of our family has come down with it & were sick for weeks. And thx for the tips Laurie, especially the embossing! Beautiful, soft card!!
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Hi Laurie! I'm very sincere when I say thank you for sharing the details, on how you created your cards. It's so helpful! I'm a big fan of your work, usually over at Papertrey. Your last wreath card is a fav (so hard to pick). I'm working on a flower watercolor as I write this and using the same technique. It's because of designers like you, that we all learn. And have SO much fun. Heartfelt thanks! :)
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Hi Lexi! This was such a fun release! I'm amazed at your talent and so many beautiful stamp designs! Thx for sharing all your fun ideas, this is a fab card!! AND, I can't wait to get my new Fiesta Birthday products!! Thx again Lexi. :)
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2018 on let's eat cake! at confetti by lexi
Hi Heather! What a pretty card! You bring such beauty to a Kraft card base. (Btw, I've been studying your watercoloring lately and tried my hand yesterday with the Fresh Bouquet stamp). Thank you sharing your talent Heather, and I hope you have a great day! :)
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Hey Heather, in my haste and old "habit", I addressed your comment to Nicole. Woops & oops! Have a wonderful Sunday. :)
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Hi Nichole! What a fabulous job you did with the new release! And your cards are so pretty & cheerful! Your "mixer" card looks SO realistic and retro! With heartfelt thanks! :)
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Hi Betsy! CONGRATULATIONS on your new stamps and dies. I really liked ALL your cards today and the different designs. You must have had fun with the white pencil on your chalkboard and the teacup steam is so clever! (The white flour too!) I can see using Life is What you Bake it from baked gifts to cheerful encouragement cards. Wonderful release Betsy! :)