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If I am paraphrasing a sentence in a source where the author cites another source, should the source I am summarizing automatically be treated as a secondary source? For example, Parish and Barness (2009) write, "In contrast, an excess of dopamine is believed to cause disorders like 'schizophrenia,' which is a disorder associated with excessive excitability and other exaggerated symptoms (Ridley, 2000). Let's say I just want to pull from that the following: Disorders such as schizophrenia is believed to be caused by excessive dopamine. Do I treat Parish and Barness as a secondary source? How would I cite this? If I want to cite a sentence in any source where the authors cited their sources, should it always be considered a secondary source?
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Thanks. That is helpful!
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I see in your examples that you abbreviated Corinthians to Cor. Are there standard APA abbreviations for the books of the Bible? Do they need to be explained on first use? Or are they common enough that no explanation is necessary? Are periods required after their abbreviations? I had a list given to me some time ago of accepted abbreviations, but I am not sure they are APA, per se.
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Sep 26, 2016