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Michael Dunham
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I recently received my Epson P600. I live in Mexico so a lot of my experience is colored by where I am. We don't have many labs that can print high quality prints - most use high volume diesub printers and they don't have much control over the final quality of their output. I suspect that is true in other places too - but I don't know. There are a few shops in Mexico City and Guadalajara that provide quality printing, but those are both more than four hours from me. I might as well be sending my images for printing in the US. So that said, opportunity cost comes into the decision for me. I couldn't see putting the extra money out. Amazon can deliver ink and paper at (almost reasonable) prices here. I'll deal with that. The prints I've been doing have been great. I use Finestra Art papers which are quite good for the price and are available - from Amazon. Epson papers are too, but the prices seem way out of line. You didn't mention papers, but if you are going to have a printer of this level, it is a serious issue to consider.
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Sep 28, 2016