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Jason Kerr
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Please do not stop posting. Although I have never commented because I would only be able to add "Holy Shit!", this may well be one for the most important blogs in all of cyberspace. It's persuaded me off the ledge more than a few times. Much of my adult life had been spent in despair thinking my disgust with human beings was a shortcoming on my part and have come unglued on that account more than a few times. I don't think my anecdotal evidence registers as particularly important but I'm sure there are quite a few readers digesting this information and processing it and not being visible in the comment threads which are generally evil by nature. Even if you feel you must discontinue writing, please please leave the archives up for the sake of posterity. I am still catching up on your writing from long ago and it istill hyper relevant. Flatland is by far the best operating theory that helps explain the total madness that we call life. Blah, blah, blah but I'm sure you can get my point :)
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Sep 29, 2016