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Hi Dan, I think it's safe to say you got tricked and you’re now finding out the hard way. It's interesting that you quoted "If it’s one in a million," that get GBS. The CDC spends a lot of time and your own tax payer money on research to try and figure out how to force compliance. Now let’s take a look what it really says on the CDC's own web site and remember they are spinning this in the best way possible this is a direct quote: "There is a small possibility that influenza vaccine could be associated with Guillain-Barré syndrome, no more than 1 or 2 cases per million people vaccinated." The link: So a million sounds like a lot, but let’s do basic math 2 in a million is actually, reducing the fraction, 1 in 500,000. That may still sound very small, but then consider that they are producing 168 million doses in 2016 that means hundreds of vaccine induced GBS cases in the US from the flu vaccine alone each year. So examining the statistics you can realize that you were literally playing Russian roulette. But even that is a low ball number. Have you ever heard a phrase like "overwhelmingly safe based on the best available evidence", what does that mean? There is a very good doctor Andrew Wakefield you only have to hear him speak to know he is a good man. He did a study not even directly stating but maybe that could be interpreted as linking autism to some vaccines. They unjustly destroyed him and they deliberately did it in a very public way to state to other researchers that if you have data showing negative side effects and publish we will destroy you. Basically they chopped off the head of one guy that stuck his neck out to make an example. So the best available evidence is papers where any negative side effects are suppressed. Is it any wonder years later the CDC is shredding datasets showing a 300% increase in autism in black kids after getting the MMR vaccine. Also the idea that autism is the only adverse side effect is also an illusion they are trying to spin so that people forget about vaccine induce GBS, encephalitis (severe brain reaction), narcolepsy and so on. On the tail end doctors have zero liability for vaccine injuries. They don't want to report vaccine side effects because of fear of being destroyed. Just this week in California a doctor who wrote a vaccine exemption letter for a student on legitimate medical grounds is being prosecuted. The idea of zero liability is meant to unburden doctors of their ethical obligation to not deliberately cause harm. Sorry to hear about your vaccine induce GBS, Leve
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Oct 12, 2016