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Lauren Kaplan
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Two issues might cut into white male working class support for forty years of Right-Wing ideological "free market" orthodoxy that has led to the dead-end of Trumpist white-nationalist resentment. 1. Gingrich etc. are RIGHT when they condemn "crony-capitalism". That was OUR bumper-sticker they stole. Progressives need to seize it back. Unless the terrain of the revolving door of influence between regulators and the regulated is recaptured with "jail the banksters" rhetoric and action, the manipulated working class is RIGHT not to trust government. 2. One partial answer is to embrace transparent, decentralized local decision-making; for example with infrastructure spending. Information tech can help solicit citizen engagement if folks come to believe their input is consequential. Additionally, the kind of ongoing mobilization necessary so the '18 midterms don't result in another 'Dems stay home' republican re-taking the Senate, ought to be built into all jobs, justice-reform, global warming, affordable college and comprehensive immigration reform. Make the enabling legislation genuinely access-able to local constituencies constituencies. Obama promised in '08 that health care reform would be open and transparent. Instead, he went behind closed doors and made deals with the Insurance Industry and big-pharma. Brand New Congress and Bernie's ongoing "Revolution" has to press hard to open up the PROCESSES of reform to citizen engagement
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Oct 22, 2016