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All, Briefly, something else that is getting my goat about the post-election coverage. The exit-polls were shown to be wildly inaccurate. The MSM, nonetheless, continue to cite data from said exit polls, claiming that 60% of DJT's own voters have doubts about him, for example. This is pure doublethink. They're using the same exit-polls they themselves have discredited to make sweeping statements about what Americans think. Someone needs to call them out on it.
Tyler, DJT is going to have to contend with a hostile media throughout his presidency by the looks of things. I see parallels with the media in the UK. They continue to fight the Brexit referendum and work on the assumption that their ideas weren't defeated at the ballot box. The same thing is occuring now in the US. The MSM behave as though the case they ably assisted in prosecuting against DJT was the case that was accepted by the jury. It wasn't: It was rejected. You can guess what's coming. You'll soon be one of those who regrets his decision. You'll realize you were tricked and lied to. You'll be one of those who signs a WH petition demanding a rerun of the election, or for a vote in Congress to ratify it. After all, it wasn't clear that you were voting for "full-Trump". You might have been angry about immigration but that doesn't mean you wanted to jettison NAFTA (you wanted NAFTA-lite). Besides, he might have won a fair mandate according to historical precedent, but it wouldn't be a clear mandate if we had a fairer system... Trump isn't going to have an easy ride and his will be a turbulent presidency, but my guess is that the media hostility will spur him on. He knows that it's pointless to pander to them. They aren't going to give him a fair shake of the stick no matter what he does. He may as well bunker down. That's why I think he should make Bannon CoS. He's going to have to use the alternative media to try and counter the narrative from the corporate media, while undermining the latter, and Bannon knows how to do that. If DJT tries to break bread with the media, they'll only stab him in the back when he isn't looking. No: He doesn't need a mediator. He needs a bastard.
Yes, I saw this earlier. ThinkProgress is a highly partisan supporter of HRC, and has been heavily compromised by WikiLeaks (Neera Tanden/Podesta emails). That said, the article names its sources as FBI officials who, by the way, are contradicting the official FBI line on the Twitter account. The official account is implausible, of course, but they're contradicting it nonetheless. Not everyone in the FBI is steering in the same direction... I look forward to them trying to prove that the Tweets are an encrypted message.
Mike Allen, I have nothing to back this up except for the words of his people who I worked with in WA. One of the names they dropped was as high-level as it got at that time. They claimed that he and Rich did business with one another. They could have been all talk, of course. This came up in conversation when we were talking about contemporary events and they were shrugging them off as nothing - 'If you think this is bad, you should have seen...' My assessment is that they're interested in making money. I doubt they have any allegiance to anyone, even if they try to stay on the right side of them. On the subject of Glencore, up until that time it was a pretty small outfit with a very large market cap. When it floated, every employee got a serious windfall, even down to the secretarial staff. The guys I was working with made 7 figures but were still out getting their hands dirty. I doubt that many of them would speak ill of Mr. Rich or his company.
I'm probably only half-joking when I say this: The late counter-culture hero, Terence McKenna, came up with his own pseudo-scientific theory of time. It was called "novelty theory". I won't pretend to understand it (I don't have nearly enough experience with psychedelics), but I recall that it was something along the lines of reality being pulled towards the end of time, characterized by ever-increasing novelty i.e. strange, unusual events. He based it off of the i-Ching (something I do have some knowledge of) and the Mayan calendar (of which I know little). If I wasn't already fairly certain it was bat&^&* crazy, I was reassured when 2012 came and went without incident. 2016 has been a strange year.
Meme magic... The thrill is in the chase; deciphering the cipher creates a viral momentum all of its own. Consider the annual Cicada 3301 contest. Releasing it in this manner draws in the anons. They ensure that it has life on social media and on the chan sites. The hope is that it can't be ignored by the media for long. There's undoubtedly an element of trolling in this too though. It's unmistakeable - the clues in the tweets are too obvious. It almost looks like a game of chicken. Given that the last tweet states that this is the "initial" release of files relating to the Clinton Foundation, it looks like someone is daring the Clinton's to keep going...
I posted on one of the earlier threads regarding the emails that there is more to this. Someone in the FBI is mobilizing Anonymous to react to this document dump. In recent weeks, somebody using the pseudonym "FBIanon" has been posting to 4chan - favored hangout of types who tie themselves to Anonymous - claiming to be an FBI insider. Some of the predictions they made have proved to be startlingly prescient. On October 30th, an official FBI Twitter account, that had been dormant for a year, posted a series of links to the FBI Vault online records system. The series of links form a cipher. The links include a 'shout-out' to 4chan. They refer to a humorous 'fan-fiction' meme postulating that DJT is a time-traveller (I know, but bear with me). The meme plays on the real world links between Nikola Tesla and DJT's uncle, the MIT professor John Trump, as well as Trump's uncanny ability to predict the future (Wiener, for example). It's believed that these links are effectively an authentication of FBIanon to 4chan/Anonymous i.e. not an endorsement of the time-traveller meme but simply a way of saying "Hey, Anonymous, it's me: FBIanon." There are many other cryptic clues contained within the links. One of the most obvious is that the penultimate link refers to a document concerning firearms and the executive order that relates to it. However, that executive order, on further investigation, refers to smoking in the workplace i.e. this is a 'smoking gun'. The last tweet posted, which immediately follows the smoking gun, is the link to documents concerning the Clinton Foundation and the pardoning of Marc Rich. (FBIanon had pleaded with Anonymous to avoid being distracted by upcoming events and focus specifically on the Clinton Foundation.) 4chan and Reddit are now alive with people trying to decrypt the cipher and find the 'smoking gun' contained within the released documents. They are coordinating a series of FOIA requests to the FBI, which processes a daily quota through its online application portal. The documents I'm referring to are the very same documents Col. Lang is referring to, above, that are causing disquiet within the Clinton campaign today. The link posted by the FBI says that they are only the "initial release"... A lot more detail has been uncovered in the various threads currently being updated on 4chan and reddit. Kadzic was Rich's lawyer when WJC pardoned him. Comey was involved in the rubber-stamping, as was Eric Holder. It's not clear whether or not this is the smoking gun referred to or whether there is more to come. I know how far-fetched this might seem to some, but it can be in no doubt that someone within the FBI is attempting to recruit Anonymous as a 'stay behind' taskforce, to work on disemminating these documents, and more via FOIA requests. Anons have long known that alphabet agencies lurked within their communities but never before have the two cooperated in this way. It seems that some faction within the FBI is 'crowd-sourcing' the investigation to get around those who're trying to tie their hands. No one appears to have been able to shut them down yet...
Col., I had dealings with some of Rich's people in West Africa a good few years ago. I wasn't happy to be working with them and I'd tried to prevent the deal going ahead in the first place but I was shut out. They wanted to rely on local paramilitaries for security, which was against our policy at the time and made me nervous. I was well aware of their reputation prior to this anyway and told my superiors that we shouldn't associate ourselves with them. But the deal went ahead and I was put in charge of making things happen on the ground. Once I got on site, things went steadily downhill and our relationship with them quickly went sour. What can I say about them? Fine to talk to but no scruples whatsoever. They told me about their exploits in Russia at the time and even I was taken aback by some of what they told me. They dropped some well known names in relation to their business over there (not Putin's, I should say). These guys don't have souls. They reminded me of the retired South African mercs you meet in Angola.
I'm also seeing reports that the FBI has uploaded their files on Vince Foster today. I haven't been able to confirm that they were uploaded today or at an earlier date, but they have definitely been uploaded. I'm not sure what to make of what's happening here. It almost looks like someone within the FBI is trolling the Clinton campaign, using an official FBI Twitter account, but whoever is doing it is delivering in terms of actually releasing the documents (so that rules out the account having been hacked). This can't be a rogue agent or two... So far, in the documents that have been released, WJC, Kadzic, and Comey are all connected to the Rich pardon. It's not clear whether or not this is the smoking gun referred to. For the curious, this has set 4chan and Reddit (favorite haunts of anons) for most of the last 12 hours. They're now hard at work examining the documents, therein being the value of 'mobilizing Anonymous'. For those who aren't easily offended, go to those sites to find out more. I will say this, I never expected to see a time when Anonymous would be cheering on and ostensibly working with the FBI, but that is what appears to be happening right now.
All, I appreciate that this may sound far-fetched, but I'm now reasonably certain that someone in the FBI is mobilizing Anonymous. The links I referred to above are part of a cipher. For example, the second last tweet refers to firearms but when you follow the link and cross-reference with the Executive Order it mentions, that EO actually refers to a ban on "smoking in the workplace" i.e. smoking gun. The next link is to the documents concerning the Clinton Foundation and the pardoning of Marc Rich (have had dealings with his people before....villians). Note that Kadzic lobbied WJC to pardon Marc Rich... FYI, these are the docs that are making the news today (that Mook is complaining about). There are many other clues in this cipher, including smoke signals to Anonymous (Fred Trump and Nikola Tesla links are in reference to a popular 'fan fiction' meme that is popular amongst anons - that DJT is a time traveller). I appreciate how this might sound but I'm quite certain something is afoot. I spend a lot of time in this world and there's no chance this isn't what it looks like. Note also that the FBI Vaults account notes that this is an "initial" release regarding the Clinton Foundation. Anonymous is now bombarding the FBI Records office with FOIA requests related to the documents that have been released.
Col., This is an official FBI Twitter account. It had been dormant from Oct 8th 2015 until Oct 30th 2016 when it was brought back to life. Since Oct 30th, it has posted 21 links to released documents, beginning with one related to Fred Trump. Further link titles include: HRC Ethics and Integrity Domestic Investigations General Petraeus Protests in Baltimore Stay Behind Special Agent Program William J. Clinton Foundation Whoever decided to resurrect this account made some interesting choices in terms of what to link to. I don't believe that the account has been hacked: Some of these documents really have just been released. Either someone at the FBI has a sense of humor (and plans to vote Trump) or, well, let your imagination run wild.
GCP, that story was rejected by the likes of Greenwald at The Intercept and the Daily Beast (big HRC proponent) amongst many others and they've been pooh-poohing it on social media since yesterday. It's a nonsense. "This claim, presented here as *proven fact*, was RT'd 7K times even though USG & multiple media outlets concluded it was total bullshit:" ^^ Greenwald responding to Julia Loffe of Politico, who said: "In case the insanity of this is unclear, I repeat: Trump Org had a server designed to secretly, exclusively communicate with a Russian bank." Why bring something that has already been authoritatively debunked here and, with all due respect, what is this knowledge you speak of? And how do you know that the Russian's haven't hacked Hillary?
Col., to clarify my last, I agree this is likely what Abedin did. However, the points I've made regarding how the email clients work, tells me that SOMEONE was aware that the emails were there and was using it as a back-up/archive. Either: 1. Wiener knew and didn't tell Abedin. 2. Abedin knew and is lying to the FBI. 3. Both Wiener and Abedin knew, and Abedin is lying to the FBI. Let's assume that she set-up the account a long time ago and the client stored her username and password in its cache memory by default: She then forgot about it. 1. We know that there are "thousands" of emails (amongst the 650k total) that are connected to HRC. 2. It takes hours to sync thousands of emails to a home computer. There's a possibility that only Abedin used this email client;that she set it up once in the way I've described; downloaded (synched) those thousands of emails in one session; and then shut-down the client, never to open it again. She then forgot all about it. I think this is unlikely. I don't think that she spent hours syncing thousands of emails and then forgot she'd done it. I think it's more likely that she set up the account and downloaded some of those emails in that session. I also think that someone used that email client subsequently and synced more of the emails. Either they had to enter her password or it was stored in the cache. In any case, they can see the account in the sidebar and they can see the number of emails in the inbox. We don't have enough information to determine who was accessing the email client but I'm confident that somebody was, and even more confident that they couldn't fail to notice this account when they did. I'm inclined to think that that person was Wiener and that he thinks his decision to keep this to himself was a good one, with current affairs in mind.
Col., I agree that's the most plausible explanation. In any case, if there is classified information on that machine, my opinion is that she has to go to prison. This can't be acceptable...
What has left me stunned is this: I'm fairly confident that, with the will, I could have gained access to this data. What stopped me? Well, lacking will (motive), for one thing, but also the fact that I would never expect for one moment that it would have been so accessible. It wouldn't have been difficult, in principle, either. Forget state-level actors: some punk script-kiddie could have got hold of this. Someone with a modicum of social engineering skill could have gotten access to that device. But apparently this isn't a big deal. I find myself shaking my head as I watch the media discuss this. What hope is there? -- Anecdotally: I once complained to the guy who headed up my old IT dept. that our password set-up was too weak. Passwords had to be 8 characters; any characters; single case; no special characters required etc. I told him it was a joke - it was too easy to crack passwords and usernames were email addresses (publicly available). All I would need was the address of the exchange server. He told me that the problem with longer passwords was that people always lost or forgot them: They would then call support to have their passwords changed and this would cost a lot of time and, hence, money. At the same time, he'd been working on a business case for swapping out some dept.s (incl. his own ofc) HP machines to Macs for at least a couple of years. He'd been turned down, rightly, more than once. For a giggle, I broke his (admin) password and installed OSX on his HP. Nobody besides he and I know this story. He still didn't change our password policy... This is why US national security has been put at risk...
From:[email protected] To: [email protected] Date: 2008-09-08 17:21 Subject: Peter Kadzik Willing to help. Fantastic lawyer. Kept me out of jail. I'm sure Christine knows him. Wants to help. Think he would be an excellent vet lead. 202-420-4704 Agree: It doesn't pass the smell test.
My gut feeling is that we're talking about a back-up here, i.e. an archive. There are other, plausible, explanations, but they don't seem probable to me. "If so, Wikileaks is segregating things and separating Hillary out." Not necessarily. My mentor taught me that if you can get someone else to write your email for you, then that's the way to go. Plausible deniability. I doubt I had more than a dozen emails from him after working for him for more than 6 years. The ones I had usually said something like "Call me when you land".
All, have heard Trump and his surrogates talk frequently about so-called 'bleaching' and 'acid-washing', even referring to software known as 'BleachBit'. It's claimed that this is "expensive" and inferred that it's an intensive or complicated process. I'm sure I'm not the only person reading this who uses BleachBit. It cost me nothing. No chemicals are involved. That's not how BleachBit works. I use it all the time, in the same way I use my document shredder. Then again, I'm not required to keep a record of my correspondence for posterity... You can't 'delete' data from modern harddrives/flash memory. The best way to 'delete' data is to encrypt it. One thing that has shocked me this cycle is the discovery that these people don't even have the slightest notion of OPSEC. Yahoo and GMail accounts; no encryption; unsecure devices; and so on. If I'd had the will... The US is not secure so long as it allows people with this level of access to manage their own communications.
Let's say I have two accounts stored in Outlook or Thunderbird, for example. 1. When I start the application, I'll either be automatically logged-in or I'll be prompted for my username/password. Password info is normally stored in the cache automatically but you can change these settings so that you're prompted every run-time. 2. New messages will only be downloaded to an account when I'm logged-in to that account, and will be downloaded according to whatever push settings I've set-up. 3. The 650,000 emails might have been downloaded in one go, or they may have accumulated over time. -- Abedin's account settings may have been stored in the client, along with her Husband's. If this was the case, then the client may have continued to download messages for her account each time Wiener started-up the email client (even after his wife moved out). If her account settings weren't stored in the client, then the client would be unable to download any new messages and would prompt any user for a username/password when they tried to click on that account. Only people who knew those account details would be able to download messages. It's possible that Wiener knew his wife's account details, or that she stored them in the client herself. In either case, she would have given her husband access to her emails, illegally. -- It's also possible that Abedin changed the settings of the client so that she'd be prompted for her username/password each time. The 650k emails may have been stored in the device from the time when she left Wiener; it's possible that no new emails were downloaded from the server to the client since the last time she used the client. He might not have had access to them at any time. -- In any case, if there is any classified information contained within these emails, they should never have been sent to the device, regardless of whether or not Wiener had access to them. The device wasn't secure. This alone should see her sent to prison.
Important point to note: The Eastern and Roman Catholic Churches are not in communion with one another. Neither Church considers the other to be heretical. As it was once put to me: "You cannot be both a Christian and a Heretic". Orthodox still consider Roman Catholic's to be Christian but not in communion with Christ's Church. To put this in perspective, Orthodox consider Mormon's to be heretics and non-Christian.
"They all share the same theology" There are significant doctrinal differences between the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Catholic Church, in terms of the nature of the Trinity for example. I don't believe you can argue that they share the same theology. The differences might seem minor but the semantics are not. The differences between the other Churches you mention and Eastern Orthodoxy are similar in nature (in some cases they're considered to be less significant than the schism between Rome and Constantinople). The theological differences are the main source of dispute - not Papism alone. (The Pope, or the Bishop of Rome, was considered first among equals until Latin primacy began to infringe on the Byzantine Church.) Officially, the Pope is still held in high regard by the Eastern Orthodox heirarchy - there's an acknowledgement that the Bishop of Rome is a highly significant position. Anti-Roman Catholicism is a real thing among the congregation, however (as well as among many Monks/Priests) so any move towards concilliation is always controversial. (I don't know if the feeling is mutual within the R.C. Church. but never heard it from my Mother's side.) There was major paranoia this summer amodst rumors that Pope Francis would attend the pan-Orthodox Council. No point downplaying things imho. Note: Greek, Russian, Romanian (and so on) Orthodox refer to themselves as that; Orthodox; or Eastern Orthodox.
Motorola was a radio operator :)
It's precisely because I don't know what Islam is and don't want to give the impression my opinion is authoritative, Sir. My knowledge of Islam is second-hand, picked up while living and working in MENA countries for a few years, (Egypt, U.A.E., Malaysia). It's nothing special. Re; comments. Understood, Sir.
"EU does not offer comparable legal protections that UK legal structure do to private property or to individual freedom." True, but Scotland does. Scots Law may be unique to English Law, but they are broadly similar. There are no major logistical hurdles to prevent banks moving their operations to Edinburgh (some of them already have their operations there while their HQ plaque is tacked to the outside of a wall in London). France has higher productivity than the UK, no? The UK already runs a significant trade deficit WITH hydrocarbons. The UK O&G sector lies almost entirely within the Scottish frontier. Even in these lean times, its contribution to the UK balance of payments is considerable. The only way I can see The City surviving in its current form is if the UK government agree to a settlement with the EU that is anathema to the English (and Welsh) electorate. That is a possibility, of course.
Agreed. It feels inevitable. Even if not according to the scenario we're discussing now, according to some other. Human beings will either survive in Dystopia and have to rediscover that thing called civilization, or we find a way off this rock so we at least have an insurance policy. Fermi paradox - where are all the aliens? A popular theory is that they've all wiped themselves out; that this inevitably occurs before any of them (us) have a chance to spread their (our) wings. The human population once shrunk to the thousands. As a species, we're pretty inbred as a result of that. I sometimes wonder how much of an effect that period had on our collective IQ.