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Hi Chelsea, Thank you so much.... I searched high and low for an answer to that question. Thanks! Wayne.
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Hello Chelsea, I'm writing a thesis in which I reference a number of documents from the same, and different, year/s; all from the one group author. Without abbreviations the in-text citation would appear throughout the paper multiple times thus; (NT Government, 2015b), (NT Government, 2016), (NT Government, 2013), (NT Government, 2015a), etc. Each one is used several times - sometimes alone, or with each other, or sometimes with other citations. Can I introduce the abbreviation the first time encountered, say, on the 2015b citation, and then use the abbreviated name each time the other citations (2016, 2013, 2015a) are introduced; or do I need to introduce an abbreviation each time a new NT Government in-text citation is introduced? Hope that makes sense.... rgds, Wayne.
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Oct 25, 2016