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Bridget Cletcher
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Carrying a concealed weapon in all the states with one license will be a positive thing for citizens to protect themselves instead of being mass slaughtered by criminals and terrorists and not being able to defend themselves.
North Korea is one of the most dangerous countries in the world and has been so anti-human rights with persecution, imprisonment, torture, and deaths especially among persecuted Christians and democratic countries. It is an evil empire where they demand you worship the dictators statue's and busts around the country. One day I pray their government is destroyed.
People in this country don't have the money to support other countries or their governments like the last 8 years. My family is struggling hard working lower middle income family that has paid taxes and not taken government money and we have had a lot of cost of living debts and over $13,000 in medical bills the last 3 years trying to survive. Other countries struggles are a result of bad governments and countries that are run by tyrants who don't believe in human rights and have a belief theology or religion that hurts human rights. The blessings from our country have been from having Judeo/Christian beliefs and theology in which God has blessed our country because of. We shouldn't appologize for our successes or give them away but praise God for His blessings and our countries theologies that have been founded in Judeo/Christian beliefs and learn from them. Liberalism, socialism, and other religions/atheism in other countries doesn't work.
I agree strongly with this article that during the last 8 years the Obama Administration has brought in an era of severe hostility and division. It states: For one thing, there is the rancor over his presidency. Beyond the political agenda pursued by Obama during his time in office, many see his eight years in charge of the country as having ushered in a new and unfortunate era in politics, one where America is now so thoroughly divided that even “regular folks” possessed of differing political viewpoints find it difficult to get along.
They can use single or family bathrooms or they can be put single/family bathrooms into schools/stores/etc
I wish the media would just state the facts leaving out bias and fear tactics and let us lower thinking people think for ourselves. But I guess us dumb citizens can't think for ourselves.
We were founded as a Judeo/Christian nation and God continues to bless us because of the faith that many of our citizens have. Other nations with other beliefs don't have the blessings from God because many don't worship God/Jesus but other false beliefs. If citizens want an atheistic or all beliefs diverse nation then we will suffer as a nation. Jesus said he is the only way to Heaven/God. There is no other way and the other nations suffer from dictators and loss of human rights because they follow their sinful selfish ways or other beliefs. If you want diversity, try visiting other nations where they worship in other ways and study their governments and talk to the citizens and see how they feel about their rights or lack of them.
Organics make a huge difference in health. Chemical companies don't care what chemicals they use that cause countless health problems in people when sprayed 7 times on foods as pesticides and fed to animals as feed. FDA and the pesticide companies is in bed with the pharmaceutical companies. If they can't patent it and sell it for millions $ then they don't support it. We buy our organics from B&B organics online, Aldi, and Stracks & Van Tills supermarket, or Meijers. We purchase supplements from Shaklee and Natures Remedies in Valpo. We also have a supplement/nutritionist advisor from Natures Remedies Kathy Doman that has really helped my husband Terry with all his medical issues from cancer, to open heart surgery, to stomach surgery, and a God send. It's a miracle from God my husband is still here and the resources He sent us including the book "Outsmart Your Cancer" which talks about this.
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Nov 3, 2016