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Hello Joe, thanks for this great information. I am 51 and I have been riding and running, recreational mostly, and touring. I started to use a HRM 5 years ago and always have found that my heart rate is always high, no matter of the sport, but never feel any symptoms when I hit high HR. Also I can sustain a heart rate of 155 to 160 for a while. I have improve over time and last summer My hear rates have been better also when I am running. After the season ended and after a 350 miles tour, I experienced that my Heart Rates was jumping with minimum effort, I thought it was overtraining so I minimize the exercise. I just bought a winter trainer and started to take more formal metrics (virtual power), my HR is better but still high with low power effort. Again I can sustain a ride at about 150 to 155 with no symptoms. One last thing, when I climb my HR tend to raise also easily. Sorry for length of my note, but I am getting worry and not sure if I have to visit a doc. Cheers
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Nov 23, 2016