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Brian Sheller
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I wonder if they, anybody really, can grow a pair. I suppose they can't. Not necessarily because of the natural state of the humanmind and the tendencies outlined by Flatland, but because those tendencies are well-known, actively manipulated, and brought to the fore of the public mind. I've wondered, Dave, in reading your Flatland essays if the organization(s) producing the 'Now This' reality show we know as political coverage (or consumer media in general) haven't come to understand, and to exploit, the inner workings of the human mind through their interwoven productions. It seems that the Flatland model, or the tendencies it describes, is well enough understood by the media outlet given the way they have seemingly successfully corralled their 'viewers' or 'readers' into rather well defined, easily stirred groups. I wonder, do we observe viewers and readers consuming mass media, or targets being consumed by it?
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Dec 12, 2016