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Indiana debuted Tarantella in 2017 at the Kennedy Center. We actually have rehearsal footage of it:
Thrilled to read that Amar will be back! The only thing I’m worried about is how management will handle his return.
Looks like the AGMA arbitration found in Catazaro’s favor, but he decided not to return to City Ballet.
Is it possible to get second-hand awkwardness? Because that’s what I felt watching Osipova’s video. Yikes.
She looked absolutely gorgeous! I hope she considers easing up on the severe eyeshadow and dark lipstick once she’s back at the ballet.
I didn’t know the performance will be live-streamed. Amar’s performance in Carmen is also getting broadcast in Italy. I hope it gets uploaded somewhere.
Congratulations to Stafford and Whelan! I hope it becomes a fruitful partnership.
It barely even counts as humiliation. It's a privilege to dance Aurora, and she got just as many performances as Hyltin. Her tantrum is born out of pure entitlement.
Throwing Hyltin under the bus like that was so petty and unprofessional. Hyltin embodies Aurora’s qualities far better than Bouder. Bouder might be able to pull of the Rose Adagio balances with more stability, but her characterization has no trace of Aurora.
I wouldn’t be surprised if he files a counterclaim. He seems to have outlined some of the damages against him in the motion to dismiss.
I think his legal argument is solid. When this news came out last summer, my impression was that the only entity she had a claim against was Finlay. Not related to legality, reading that text chain makes my skin crawl.
I wish Hyltin/Huxley got another Mozartiana. I wasn’t too keen on Mearns in that ballet last season. She can go a bit (a lot?) overboard in roles Suzanne Farrell created. Lauren King has got to have the warmest and most genuine smile in the entire company.
Great review! I’m glad I got to see Orpheus. It’s an interesting work for sure, but not my particular cup of tea. Looking forward to Tschai PC2 tonight. I hope the new costumes turn out well.
I’m glad Gonzalo gets an Apollo. I believe he was coached by Villella at SFB. I’m crossing my fingers that Tiler Peck gets cast in Tschai PC#2 next week, but I’m so looking forward to Reichlen! I only wish I could get tickets to that entire opening week.
Brava Skylar! When I first heard Skylar would be doing this show, I was worried that a ballet competition in Russia would be mean-spirited--not unlike reality shows in the States. Glad to be proven wrong. I'm especially thrilled with how well Skylar's dancing is being received. They are smitten with her! P.S. I shudder at the thought of the celebrina's coaching. "I see you did 32 fouettes in the coda. Let try that again, but shoot for 13 this time." "I see your foot went to passe during the pique turns. How about try just kind of letting your leg limply hang during the turns?" "I see you did all the hops en pointe as choreographed. Why not stop halfway and just make eyes at your partner instead? We're gonna call it 'acting'!"
The royal ballet is quite generous when it comes to taping coaching presentations. I’m very impressed with both Akane Takada and Yasmine Naghdi here:
Well deserved promotions. I’m also glad Mira Nadon got taken into the company. I love watching her in the corps. It’s unfortunate that both LaFreniere and Kikta got injured early into the season. This is LaFrenieres second time missing a big debut. I hope we see both of them back soon. Same for Ashley Hod.
My impression was that the NYT has been decreasing it's dance coverage over the last few seasons anyway. Are they even looking to replace Macaulay?