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I wouldn’t be surprised if he files a counterclaim. He seems to have outlined some of the damages against him in the motion to dismiss.
I think his legal argument is solid. When this news came out last summer, my impression was that the only entity she had a claim against was Finlay. Not related to legality, reading that text chain makes my skin crawl.
I wish Hyltin/Huxley got another Mozartiana. I wasn’t too keen on Mearns in that ballet last season. She can go a bit (a lot?) overboard in roles Suzanne Farrell created. Lauren King has got to have the warmest and most genuine smile in the entire company.
Great review! I’m glad I got to see Orpheus. It’s an interesting work for sure, but not my particular cup of tea. Looking forward to Tschai PC2 tonight. I hope the new costumes turn out well.
I’m glad Gonzalo gets an Apollo. I believe he was coached by Villella at SFB. I’m crossing my fingers that Tiler Peck gets cast in Tschai PC#2 next week, but I’m so looking forward to Reichlen! I only wish I could get tickets to that entire opening week.
Brava Skylar! When I first heard Skylar would be doing this show, I was worried that a ballet competition in Russia would be mean-spirited--not unlike reality shows in the States. Glad to be proven wrong. I'm especially thrilled with how well Skylar's dancing is being received. They are smitten with her! P.S. I shudder at the thought of the celebrina's coaching. "I see you did 32 fouettes in the coda. Let try that again, but shoot for 13 this time." "I see your foot went to passe during the pique turns. How about try just kind of letting your leg limply hang during the turns?" "I see you did all the hops en pointe as choreographed. Why not stop halfway and just make eyes at your partner instead? We're gonna call it 'acting'!"
The royal ballet is quite generous when it comes to taping coaching presentations. I’m very impressed with both Akane Takada and Yasmine Naghdi here:
Well deserved promotions. I’m also glad Mira Nadon got taken into the company. I love watching her in the corps. It’s unfortunate that both LaFreniere and Kikta got injured early into the season. This is LaFrenieres second time missing a big debut. I hope we see both of them back soon. Same for Ashley Hod.
My impression was that the NYT has been decreasing it's dance coverage over the last few seasons anyway. Are they even looking to replace Macaulay?
I see your point. I'm just not sure how much the timing of when she came forward will matter in this case or that she first tried to get paid. I'm also planning on attending the shows I have tickets for. I'm heartbroken for the rest of the company. I hope they remain strong and focused this season.
She’s not a cop, so she doesn’t need a warrant to rummage through Finlay’s digital activities. If anything, Finlay should not have shared the photos to begin with. If she didn’t know she was being photographed, he shouldn’t have taken the photos. If I had discovered my partner sending my private photos to others without my consent, I would’ve snooped and gathered evidence as well. The lawsuit has excerpts of what she has. It would be quite a turn of events if it went to trial and the evidence her lawyer listed in the lawsuit was fabricated. I suppose Finlay could claim she knew/consented to the photos being taken and shared. Including NYCB in her lawsuit is a separate matter to me. Her claims against City Ballet are based on gossip (anonymous company members raped at Vail, wild hotel room parties with unknown participants, allegations that City Ballet condoned/encouraged Chase’s behavior, etc). They’re just not as concrete as what she has against Finlay. I think she will have trouble producing evidence for these claims. What is clear to me is that her lawyer wants as much PR damage as he can manage to inflict on City Ballet.
I think it’s telling that NYCB decided against settling, and took the PR hit, instead. This seems like their legal team believes they can get the claims against them dismissed. Chase’s role in the company is as a dancer. It’s hard for me to imagine that NYCB can he held liable for his actions for his activities outside the parameters of his role in company. Some claims are just flat out unreasonable to me. For example, there’s a claim that NYCB intended to harm her (paragraph 158). The plaintiff’s lawyer seems to specialize in medical malpractice and personal injury. I don’t know what legal tactics are involved in that area, but reading through the lawsuit makes some of the claims against NYCB seem exaggerated. I think Finlay, on the other hand, is in hot water. The allegations against him have criminal implications, so he might take the fifth. Since this is a civil suit, it doesn’t carry the same “silence is not an admission of guilt” property that exists in criminal trials.
I’m also curious if she will be pressing charges. Finlay is caught in a catch-22 here. This is a civil suit, but with potential criminal implications. If he pleads the fifth, it will likely be an adverse inference against him in this particular lawsuit. If he testifies, it can be used against him if he’s prosecuted. NYCB might probably be able to get some of the claims against them dismissed.
I’m only sad that I can’t attend all performances. This casting is amazing. And Harrison Ball & Gonzalo Garcia both return, as well.
Everything about this is bizarre and the company’s description of events is incredibly vague. We don’t even know if the letter sender is the person who received the “inappropriate communication”, or how many recepients there were, or what the nature of the communications is. This of course, gave the NYT prime opportunity to frame this situation as a sex scandal by framing it around the Peter Martins allegations. They even managed to get an anonymous dancer from the company to help them make that connection.
I’m wondering if NYCB’s code of conduct is overly stringent? I’m racking my brain at what kind of communication would be inappropriate enough to cause a suspension but not dismissal? Extremely sad about the news. I’m glad to see messages or gestures of support from company members on social media.
Kopalkova is the only coach the ABT principals hold with reverence (based on instagram posts). It's no wonder Lane has sought out Irina's help. Kopalkova has too much on her plate. The only breaks she probably gets are the Ratmansky ballets and Makarova's Bayadere. I can't imagine the dread she must feel whenever she has to work with one of the undesirables. To add to your list of odd coaches: this season, Carla Korbes coached Boylston in Giselle. I don't know if that was ABT's doing or if Boylston sought out her help outside of ABT. Korbes was a beautiful dancer, but her training and rep was more neo-classical, no? She danced the Giselle at PNB, but I imagine PNB's Giselle is like NYCB's Swan Lake in terms of classicism. However, I wouldn't be opposed if Korbes were to help ABT out with their Balanchine.
That's a good point about the thin coaching staff at ABT. With Radetsky leading the studio company, I still have hope for the future. Perhaps the up-and-comers will be better prepared to take on the challenges of ABT's classical rep with the skill and artistry it deserves. The lackluster seasons are clear indication of how steep a price ABT is having to pay for KM's mismanagement. He sacrificed the company's long-term health and morale for short-term gains that failed to materialize. On top of that, ABT also lost Marcelo. McKenzie delivered the double whammy of short-term losses, as well as long-term losses. And for that, the board will continue to overpay the blundering AD. It's truly unfortunate that the audience and the company are bearing the brunt of the damages instead of the people responsible.
As much as I want Hallberg to be more dedicated to ABT, I can't really blame him for his low number of performances. It befuddles me how Whiteside is a principal, but Forster and Hoven aren't. Perhaps McKenzie's criteria for promoting dancers is everything except ballet.
Cirio's departure was quite a surprise to me, especially since he got promoted extremely quickly. As for Hallberg, is he leaving ABT as well? I haven't seen anything. Or is it a reference to his very light workload as a principal? Roberto Bolle is also barely dancing with ABT anymore. I also like Gorak whenever I see him dance, but he didn't really get cast in anything substantial this season. It seemed to me like his progress got stalled when McKenzie brought in Cirio.
Do you know if Marcelo doing both the Two Pigeons PdD at the Joyce? I’m having trouble locating casting info.