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Great season wrap-up! How unfortunate for Symphony in C. I was thinking of attending the Sunday performance since I didn't feel like I got my dose of Bizet this season, but ended up not going. The performance I saw had no major mishaps, but was kind of low on energy. I agree about Emilie Gerrity. Absolutely breathtaking in Serenade! I hope she gets to dance Sanguinic again come Spring. Megan Fairchild has also been delivering at every performance I saw her in.
I may have dozed off a bit during Lovette's ballet. I regained my consciousness by the curtain calls. Poor Unity Phelan must have drawn the short stick to have been saddled with that atrocity of a tutu. Although I thought it looked kind of cool from the front.
I'm gonna be out of town for the first week of the season. Sad to miss Mira Nadon's debut. I cannot wait to hear how she does!
I hope Matt Ball & Yasmine Naghdi's Romeo and Juliet gets a screening in NYC. Unrelated: most of the defendants in the Waterbury case have now responded, with SAB requesting sanctions.
Casting is certainly disappointing. I hope Gorak can still handle T&V. He barely gets cast in principal roles.
And disproved by the fact that Finlay and Lovette have been cast opposite each other up multiple times since they broke up their engagement.
I honestly can't fathom how the claims against NYCB & SAB won't get dismissed. Ditto for Ramasar & Catazaro There could be plenty of embarrassing things on Finlay's phone or email if that goes to trial. I would hope Finlay's lawyer is able to limit discovery to just messages involving Waterbury.
I relished reading the legal bitch-slapping handed down by SAB's legal team. In reading the correspondence between Eaton and Merson, you can immediately see how she lays out her facts plainly. Whil Merson, on the other hand, does the equivalent of "no, you!" In particular, Eaton's last letter where she tells Merson her intent to file a motion to dismiss was so badass. "We have a deal. Thanks and have a nice weekend."
I’m so unenthusiastic about this ABT season. I’m gonna see a couple of performances of Manon, and a couple of performances of Sleeping beauty. That’s about it. I couldn’t make it to any of the Tharp or Ratmansky programs, either. Oh well. Praying Herman will be able to dance Des Grieux.
Bouder and Huxley are an odd pairing to begin with. Their stage personas are too different. Something looks off with Bouder's port de bras. I can't really put my finger on it, but it's looks like she keeps her elbows bent when they should be straight. It just looks weird, especially since she already isn't blessed with long limbs. But I was speedy footwork remains super impressive.
Amar looked so happy up on that stage. I was hoping that the audience would welcome him back, but I was so moved by how boisterous the audience got. I was not expecting that, at all. It takes a lot to get the NYCB audience to cheer like that! I was happy I was there.
Indiana debuted Tarantella in 2017 at the Kennedy Center. We actually have rehearsal footage of it:
Thrilled to read that Amar will be back! The only thing I’m worried about is how management will handle his return.
Looks like the AGMA arbitration found in Catazaro’s favor, but he decided not to return to City Ballet.
Is it possible to get second-hand awkwardness? Because that’s what I felt watching Osipova’s video. Yikes.
She looked absolutely gorgeous! I hope she considers easing up on the severe eyeshadow and dark lipstick once she’s back at the ballet.
I didn’t know the performance will be live-streamed. Amar’s performance in Carmen is also getting broadcast in Italy. I hope it gets uploaded somewhere.
Congratulations to Stafford and Whelan! I hope it becomes a fruitful partnership.