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Christopher Richardson
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My Grandfather - Harry Major - was also born and raised there! He moved to Halifax area, worked at the docks - and was a lighthouse keeper on Betty's Island for about 10 years which is the best memories I have in my life so far, being out there listening to the fog horn all night... the BEST! He and grandmom have both passed now... but those years were the best for all of us and made us better people living isolated (albeit for me not quiet so much) ... you appreciate everything more when there's not a doctor just down the street (as for a 10 year old running along slippery shores even young kids realize having fun you still need to be careful!). I wanted to reply to someone (Kris) early in the posts that mentioned how these people grew up on an island and had to be good at boating at night... my granddad would take me to mainland from the island to pick up groceries or something ... and in the thickest fogs watch his speed, compass and watch... and more than once I remember being convinced were we LOST - and he'd cut the engine, turn the wheel and reach out into the fog and grab ahold of the dock!!!! Perfect landing every time! Naw, he wasn't afraid of the water or the ocean at all - but could NOT SWIM! and respected it and what was in it as much as I do today!
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Dec 29, 2016