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Hello David, As a long time fan, well since 2013 when I discovered your very seedy dive, I would like to pay a little off from my bar tab. But Firstly, I've asked you before as you long ago mentioned a book, and I am becoming sorely tried in the waiting. Where is it? You know you have it in you. You have a marvelous way about you, and you have a great set of regulars and occasionals, and as you often correctly say, the ATL's are really only the springboards for what's to follow. Now, I'm going to tickle your big fat glistening belly, and throw a few jinglers into your moth-eaten bowler hat. Also give me more Laurie Penny, I like Laurie, she is a ludicrous fool, but I wouldn't mind getting on her case... *Tickles David's Big Fat Glistening Belly, and hopes for more of my Lovely Laurie...Sigh...*
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2018 on Friday Ephemera at davidthompson
We did win the Brexit vote though, Christ, I love Brexiting! One of the most satisfying things about the whole afair, is the type of graceless cretin that got so upset. The Guardian readership and most of the writers are heartbroken, the wailing, gnashing of teeth, and spiteful lashing out at any, and every leave voter has been a real eye opener. What a disgusting anti-democratic bunch they actually are. Here's to a great 2017, and a final goodbye to the EU.
Toggle Commented Dec 30, 2016 on A filthy year at Mick Hartley
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