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retired banana grower
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If Nikola is considered a bit dodgy then this one is very dodgy.
Hey mahonj . These are still high temp (>750 degrees C) ,so not suitable for LDVs . Could perhaps work for long distance trucks or work boats. There is a lot of cheap sugar around here. But as you allude ,best to stay away from Au and Pt.
Wow. $500million for 3o,ooo sensors. That's getting on for $20,000 per unit. Well done Velodyne!
Thanks for the reply EP. Yes a printer is a complex and expensive machine but so is a press and dies(and the heated steel). The NUMMI plant is said to have a floor area of 5.5m sq ft enough for 50,000 car sized beds. Now you wont use that many , but you might have a few thousand of various sizes(making wheels/doors ,whatever). The "printers" might be the ones using light to catalyze the composite, faster and a fair finish. They would be cheaper when made in the thousands(perhaps many thousands). And you save a couple of tons of co2 for every ton of steel not used.
I cant agree EP. The footprint of the printer is not much bigger than the object being made so there are many. Very little human intervention is needed. Modifications and new designs are quickly and cheaply implemented. A great way of using some of the CNTs being electrolytic produced from CO2 ala prof. Licht. Strong light and wont rust.Lovely.
Does that price include the 70000RMB($10000) government bonus?
Hey Harvey If you lived inside the tropics {like I do,and over40% of the population and increasing} you would not be so preoccupied with cold temperatures. Roll out the BEVs and save the expensive ,FCEVs for a niche market.
Hey Harvey. China is approaching 30m LDVs /yr. If they had the same appetite for autos as here in Australia they would be approaching 70m. Long way to go.
For ship propulsion would not high temp fuelcells running on LNG be a nobrajner?
Appears to be cathode material?
I thought the problem with thermoelectrics was lack of efficiency. The system on the Mars Rover was only 6% efficient. The same with thermoelectric cool boxes.Cheap but inefficient.
Come on Harvey.That is simply not correct. Viable BEVs are available now, while FCEVs are not. BEVs are not suited to everyone(if you live in a very cold place and don't have access to a home charge point) you may be more suited to a hybrid. BEVs will always be more efficient, simpler and don't need the always problematic reliance on a large production/dristrbution industry. Didn't someone say FCs were a solution looking for a problem.
Carbon materials should be coming on strong by 2030-2040. Being able to produce carbon nanotubes from CO2 is a gamechanger.
They don't quote energy density (around 6wh/kg?) or price. Allways thought would suit f1 or lemans series but didn"t happen.
BAIC sold over 11k EC models in October 17,up from 9k in September.They cost 150k yuan but are subsidized by govmint by 70k yuan.For 70k yuan you could buy a similar sized (budget) vehicle. The Chinese govmint understands that as long as they spend in yuan they can never run out of money.They have the right(nay the responsibility)to spend what is required by their country and people. Until the western nations recognise this they will keep getting their lunch eaten. The national debt(federal debt) as a % of GDP(gross domestic product): US.%100 UK.% 90 Australia.% 30 But the politicians still talk about"leaving an horrendous debt to our kids/grandkids" Japan.%250 China.%260 is the figure given but who knows? It is entirely irrelevant anyway.
Linde uses fossil fuels to produce H2. This is not green. Dirtier than diesel.
Isuzu and Dacia should also be included in this group.Harvey D they are the biggest so are 'a major world competitor".
Hey fellas What is it with this "banning" stuff. We should always try to avoid "banning/compulsion" whenever possible.People find it offensive/fasistic and it is counterproductive. Particulaly when there are simple solutions like, 1:Raise taxs on HC fuels(like is done in many countries) 2:Sales tax based on the lifetime polution of the machine (include boats/planes/trains/etc). 3:Insert your solution.
Hey ejj and gor You are suporting a scam a lie every time you repeat that myth "where is the money coming from" "leaving a debt for future generations" The US,like Australia Canada Japan et al,has the ability to produce as much money as it needs.Check out Modern Monetary Theory(MMT).Heaps on youtube.Check out Warren Mosler.(also made some tasty machines down in Florida).