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Everyone should remember Jeff Cooper's 4 Rules: 1. All Guns Are Always Loaded 2. Never Let the Muzzle Cover Anything You Are Not Willing To Destroy 3. Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger Until Your Sights Are On Target 4. Be Sure of Your Target and What is Behind It. A good write up Mr. Johnson, though an AR might be easier for some people to wield and accurately shoot than a pistol.
I know nothing of this subject, which will soon become very apparent, and I would like to understand it better. Who can make a request to NSA for such information, do they need a certain clearance level? Is a warrant required? How readily does NSA provide such information? As someone who does not work within this sector it is unclear to me how often something like this occurs and how irregular this set of circumstances is. I appreciate all the work you've done on the Flynn saga.
How long would it take the elevator "cab" to travel the 250k miles? I thought the point of an elevator was to get us into space whithout having to use rockets. If we have to get into space via rockets to get to the elevator, what is the point?
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Mackerel is very oily so it works well bbq'ed. Pompano is good too, though both might not be as available on the east coast.
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This thread may be a bit old, but if anyone is still interested the school board reversed the vote to destroy the murals and will cover them....for now.
The movie's plot seems a bit of a rehash but it made me think of "Predators" made in 2010, which is not bad. I find it amusing that Dennis from "It's Always Sunny..." plays one of the antagonists
Not only has the school board voted to destroy, not cover, destroy the paintings in question but the president of the school board and other progressives want to change the school's name altogether, my alma mater. I doubt that the students there were interested/noticed/traumatized by the paintings on the wall, high school kids have other things to worry about. This is coming from the parents of a small minority of aggrieved progressives. I am still frustrated and baffled by the fact that they can't seem to see the implications of destroying art. Totalitarians destroy art, but I guess I'm just not sensitive enough to plights of the youth of today. They may not be an Orozco or Rivera but they are beautiful and I enjoyed seeing them throughout high school.
Dark, far, unseen are synonyms for the side of the moon not locked facing us but that is besides my point. When we do colonize the moon will we protect its beauty or will it become polluted too?
If we mine the moon will we do it on the dark side so a giant pit mine doesn't ruin the vista?
I find few things as satisfying as cooking in nice cast iron. If I may add my method: Cook sliced mushrooms in separate pan Season steak and cook in cast iron until medium rare, 125 degrees. Set aside to rest. Put mushrooms in steak pan with butter and scrape up all the fond, brown. Add some brandy and cook down to a nice sauce. Add juices from resting steaks. Stir Put sauce on steaks Eat.
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The Washington Post had an article 3 years ago about this and included Boeing in the list of companies also interested in launching satellites to broadcast internet. It mentioned giving more power and resources to the FAA to oversee and track satellites, though one would presume that only includes satellites launched by companies in the US. As the world develops, what organization is able and willing to maintain and track the satellites we have and deploy, what laws and jurisdictions apply to space related incidents and how do we keep the orbit clear from debris for future endeavors. As business in space becomes more common among many countries I hope we can keep things running smoothly and safely. It's all fascinating and I look forward to this aspect of the future.
"And who is this science fiction writer who Musk admirers so much?" I would guess Iain Banks given the name of the drone ship
I am neither, only amused at the reference
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"SWMBO" it
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How much do we currently "spend" on Mexico in terms of aid and logistics when it comes to combating the cartels and corruption? Throughout the election I remarked that no ones talks about helping Mexico deal with their problems even though they are our top trading partner, our neihgbor and a home and vacation destination for many americans. Maybe I'm just naive.